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  • Why You Need to Invest in This Smart Watch for Kids

    Here are some things to consider before getting this gadget for your child.
  • These days, your wristwatch can do more than just tell the time. You can say that it has evolved into the smart watch.

    This wearable technology comes with features that suit different lifestyles. For example, fitness buffs use their smart watch to monitor health data. Those on the go use the portable call and SMS functions. Even kids can also benefit from using this gadget.

    Here are some questions you can ask yourself if you're considering getting a smart watch for your own kid, plus the smart-watch features that are beneficial to both parent and child. 


    Is the smart watch easy for kids to use?

    For them, smart watches are mainly for entertainment. They can use, for example, the Smart Watch from PLDT HOME for taking photos, playing music, and even recording sounds, music, and funny messages.

    Sheila Benedict, mom of child star "Baeby Baste" or Sebastian Benedict, shares how her child uses the Smart Watch under her close supervision: "We use it as a Wi-Fi remote for the camera of our Telpad or smartphone. Super convenient lalo na 'pag taking a groufie or selfie. We also like recording messages for Papa Sol niya habang hinihintay namin umuwi. Minsan, music player din 'pag nasa byahe."

    Compatibility with other gadgets

    Do you want your child to receive messages and reminders from you even if he doesn't have his own smartphone or tablet?

    Your kids can make and receive calls and texts to Mom and Dad with the SIM card installed in the Smart Watch or with the paired device. The model without a SIM slot can also be connected to your family's PLDT HOME Telpad or your smartphone via Bluetooth so they can still enjoy the same connectivity features



    Do you always want to keep an eye on your kid?

    When he is outdoors, you can use the anti-lost feature of the Smart Watch to keep tabs on your child. For example, both of you are in a crowded mall and your child, wearing the Smart Watch, wanders 20 meters away from you. If it's paired with your Telpad or smartphone and you have this with you, the watch will vibrate, signaling your child to go back to you.

    The Smart Watch also has a "Find My Device" feature. Just press a button on the watch and the paired device such as your Telpad will sound an alarm so that you can find it. This way, you can easily find the Telpad at home without having to turn it upside down.


    Health and fitness

    Do you want to monitor your child's physical activity? With the Smart Watch, you can keep track of how active he is.

    When it comes to making sure Baeby Baste spends only a healthy amount of time using his gadgets, Mama Sheila believes it's important to monitor him. "I look at what he's playing, at saka controlled ang oras," she says. "And I make sure that we choose gadgets that have practical use like the Smart Watch, hindi lang puro laro."


    Can you afford a smart watch for your child?

    Smart watches are generally pricey, but there are good deals out there as well. PLDT HOME Telpad subscribers can get the Smart Watch for only P199 per month.

    The Smart Watch is also available to existing HOME DSL subscribers. Simply order online and it will be delivered for free.

    For more information on the PLDT HOME Smart Watch, go here

This article was created by Summit Storylabs in partnership with PLDT HOME.