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Wonder Woman's Got Nothing on You, Mama! 15 Things Only a Mom Can Do
  • Underneath all the eyebags, gym-deprived bulges and stylish but baggy clothing lies a creature that was born the same day a wrinkled, wailing mini-life changer came up for air.

    Mother, mama, mommy, maman, nanayinay.

    Known by many names but recognized universally by deed, Mom is a force to be reckoned with — loyal, loving and generous, the mom develops her special abilities from an alternate universe called motherhood.

    15 powers that put the super in mom

    1. Possesses the "bag of all things"

    Daddies call it the black hole. Mommies call it the “bag of what-ifs.” Ever notice that a mom’s handbag contains the answer to any and all possibilities that may happen within the day? What if it rains? Mini-foldable umbrella, check. Is the baby hot (pamaypay to the rescue), cold (the shawl for all seasons is here), hungry (here’s Skyflakes or raisins, baby), bored (a ziplock of Shopkins should do it), itchy (Lucas’ PawPaw ointment for you) — this bag’s got it all.


    2. If looks could kill

    Ever wonder where the saying “makuha ka sa tingin” came from? A mom’s look, touch, and voice are so powerful that a child (and sometimes husband) can quickly be silenced, soothed or scared into submission with just a quick glance, loving stroke or change in tone.

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    3. An (almost) photographic memory

    Mom can remember all the names of classmates, teachers, school ates, kuyas, faculty and guards as well as the songs to all the popular kiddie movies, TV shows, or favorite YouTubers their child loves. But, unfortunately, she can’t seem to remember what she ate yesterday — oh, the mystery of selective memory.

    4. Bionic ears

    Mom can recognize her child’s call or cry amid a roomful of people. She can also tell if the baby is hungry, tired, annoyed, sleepy or mad with just a cry or sound.

    5. The Edna Mode of DIY costumes

    Did you say it was due tomorrow? No problem! Last-minute DIY costumes (UN, Filipiniana, animal, superhero, Disney characters, Ibong Adarna, Minion, etc.) are mom’s specialty. Whether mom is creative or not, the sheer will and determination to succeed for the sake of their offspring enables DIY masterpieces made from paper, old skirts, artificial flowers, husband’s tie and any scrap lying around the house. And these costumes usually come complete with matching headpiece, too! (We have the pictures to prove it!)

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    6. Smooth operator

    Mothers can engage in three to four different conversations simultaneously — chika with a friend on the phone, give yaya instructions, appease complaining child, and also ask mall guard for directions to the nearest restroom!

    7. Timekeeper

    Maybe it’s the discipline of counting gestational weeks, hours between feeds and naptimes, school drop-offs and pick-ups, kiddie extracurricular schedules as well as coordinating doctors’ and dental appointments, moms have unduly acquired the ability to manipulate time for order to reign in the household. Time stone? She’s had it all along.

    8. Breastfeed

    Enough said. Who else can say their bodies can produce life-giving sustenance on demand?

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    9. Give birth, of course!

    Whoever said women are the weaker sex have never experienced 24-hour labor without anesthesia. 

    10. Pain is my domain

    Moms can endure all kinds of pain related to childbirth, breastfeeding, CS, episiotomy, as well as sitting heavily pregnant for four hours (or more) on an uncomfortable bench in their ob-gyn’s waiting room for the sake of bringing their little ones into this world. And when a special occasion demands, they will still choose to squeeze their post-delivery bodies into stiletto heels, tight girdles, and push up bras, just because she can. Pain, what's that?


    11. Bargain bloodhound

    She finds the best bargains in the deepest bin, shelf, or rack in the most crowded store in a crowded mall, during a red super sale weekend. They are also frequent perusers and members of voucher websites, online buying and selling sites as well as proud holders of every rewards store card available out there. Moms just love those points!

    12. Super strength

    When necessary, in the absence of daddy or yaya, moms can carry enormous loads of weight in the form of baby, large tote, diaper bag, and numerous shopping bags while deftly maneuvering through the tightest throng during the last hour of the last day of said sale. Not to mention, she has also carried around 50 to 60 pounds of baby plus the accompanying weight gain of up to 10 months of pregnancy, 24/7!

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    13. Professor Mom

    Researches the latest baby gadget or trend (baby proofing, nursing bra, stroller, carrier, crib, food, lotion, medicine, or toy) so thoroughly and completely that an honorary degree in said inquiry is deserved just for the sheer knowledge and scope this determined mommy has reached. But the downside to learning all this information is that previous savings made from the last bargain hunting is thrown out the window once mommy is convinced that an expensive baby product is the best out there. 


    14. Mistress of mess

    High tolerance for baby messes and impressive gross-out capability are superpowers every mom attains. Constant poopie blow-outs, projectile vomiting, faucet drooling, and mucous-y sneezes have magically desensitized the mom’s sense of smell and sensitivity to all things gross. Stinky baby messes? This mom has been there, done that. 

    15. Zombie tenacity

    Sleep, what’s that? Used to the sleep-deprivation brought on by years of feeds, fevers, and random kiddie requests for water/potty/snuggles, super mom is used to functioning on less than five hours of sleep, and she STILL manages to tear through school schedules, home repairs, and the corporate world the next day! Zombie apocalypse? Nothing this mommy and another cup of strong coffee can’t handle.

    A woman discovers she has special “powers” in the day-to-day training ground of late night feeds, many teary-eyed trials and errors and endless baby kisses and cuddles. It takes effort, determination, patience, love and a lot of help from above — and that’s what makes her super. Cheers, momma!

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