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  • As they say, life is the greatest teacher. And, no question about it, parenthood has a lot of lessons to teach. We grow from all the joys, sadness, hardships and blessings that come with raising a child. From real parents, here are little nuggets of wisdom they’ve picked up along the way.  

    On the essentials
    “Patience, a positive attitude, and a lot of love go a long way in keeping your baby and yourself happy!” —Prachi Kathuria, mom to Kiaan

    On giving
    “In becoming a mom, I’ve learned to be selfless, able to give the best and give up everything for my child.” —Daisy Veloria, mom to Zildjian Isaiah

    On the hardships
    “Being a parent is a tough job, but very fulfilling.” —Thots Labrillaso, mom to Francis Arthur, Timothy Grant, Luimari Victoria 

    On simple joys
    “Children teach you to enjoy the simple things in life and to not worry about tomorrow.” —Mabelle Gacusan-Reambillo, mom to Justin Jon

    On taking on the role of a mom

    “When I became a parent, I realized that I could switch from being happy-go-lucky to a goal-oriented and selfless woman and mother.” —Neren Eliza M. Lanuzo, mom to Renee Brianne

    On patience
    “Instead of nagging my son each time he makes a mistake, I’ve learned how to be a good role model to him instead.” —Judy-Ann A. Tulao, mom to Jelu Cianel

    On being grateful

    “Being a parent is God’s greatest gift—no one can take it away from you.” —Adegaile Macaraig, mom to Eunice, Erine and Elysa

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     On giving love
    Simple acts of love leave a mark in the hearts of our children.” —Tet Bugayong, mom to Samantha

    On realizations
    “I realized what my parents went through when I was a child. We must love our parents—they deserve to be appreciated.” —Mitch Espana, mom to Jemh and Asia

    On being hands-on
    “You don’t really learn parenting by the books but through firsthand experiences.” —Jeisey Mission, mom to Marc Zian

    On letting go
    “What’s wrong with the occasional mess? Soon, you’ll wake up realizing that the mess they left are now memories you will always remember.” —Mira Rempillo, mom to Ice and twins Callie and Dash

    On finding meaning

    “Being a parent taught me the difference between a happy life and a meaningful one.” —Anna Kathrina Aguila, mom to Yuzef Elijah

    On working

    “No mom is an idle mom because every mom is a mom who works.” —Kyong Garcia Magno-Espada, mom to Elijah Michael

    On setting priorities
    “I learned to be responsible, to save enough money and time for my son.” —Jamilah Mawi, mom to Moh’d Abdullah 

    On raising children
    “Your kids are your mirror images.” —Mary Grace Parafina, mom to Lewis, Andre, Lucas, and Holly

    On salaries

    “Even without pay, motherhood is still the best job ever.” —Sandy Timbre-Rones, mom to Naomi Sadie

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