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3 Things Only #SuperMoms Understand

But we're sure you can definitely relate to all these because we're all #SuperMoms!

The moment a woman becomes a mom, her whole life changes. Being a mom is a 24/7 "job". You sleep and breathe your children and you want nothing but the best for them when it comes to everything they need. You aspire less for yourself and more for your kids. You sacrifice everything you can just to give them the best.

Here are a couple of the everyday struggles every mom experiences but chooses to keep for herself.

Waking up before the roosters

You always wake up before the whole world does. Even if you got in late from work last night, you still find the energy to lift yourself off of your bed, walk to the kitchen, make breakfast and get everyone ready for their day. You pack lunches and homework and make sure everyone gets in the school bus on time. You may feel exhausted from lack of sleep but you don't complain, because the happy faces of your kids while they enjoy their morning cereal and while they wave goodbye is enough reward for getting up before the roosters crow.

Walking the tight line between mom and friend

You never want your kids to feel pain, but it's also your responsibility to make sure your child doesn't stray from the right path. You constantly feel the need to remain authoritative, but you also want to be the friend your child goes to when something is up. To effectively discipline your child without setting yourself up as the villain, try to point out mistakes without shouting or nagging. Make them feel that you are on their side, but that it's your responsibility to guide them and teach them what's right and wrong.

Worrying about doing a good job

Most of the time, you doubt your choices. Was it right that I scolded my child? Was it the right choice to enroll him in that school? Was I wrong to teach him about this and about that? Was it a mistake to have told him this or should I have told him that? Should I have said yes to what he wanted? You've read all the parenting books and you have checked everything you could online and you still feel like you're not doing things right. Being a mother to a child is a unique journey for every mom in the world. No two moms are the same because every child is different. At the end of the day, the well-being of your child is still more important. And as long as you have done what's best for your child, no one's to say you have made the wrong choice.

The best cure to the doubts in your heart is your children. For all the children in the world, moms are the greatest superheroes.

There's nothing in it for SuperMoms like you. You don't get paid for what you do. You don't get awards, and you don't get anything for your sacrifices. But you still do it anyway – because the joy of being a mother goes beyond any recognition.

It can feel like it's too much sometimes – with the lack of sleep, the absence of alone time and the overwhelming responsibility to raise little ones. Time is very precious to SuperMoms and getting 1001 things done in an efficient time is very important. 

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