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3 Ways To Promote A Positive Body Image In Your Kids
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  • There are many factors to consider on how your child’s body image is being influenced. It can be due to the environment, peers, and social media. Sometimes, body image issues can result to deeper psychological problems like eating disorders.

    As a parent, It is certainly worrisome if it happens to your child. Prevent it by practicing ways to instill a positive body image to your kids even at a young age. 

    1. Be a role model.

    Do you constantly look at the mirror and feel sad about how “fat” you are? Or even complain about how much you need to go for a diet in order to lose some weight? Bear in mind that kids always listen and learn through observation. They tend to pick up those negativities and start questioning their own bodies. 

    Start by being a healthy role model. Learn to love your own flaws and make a list of things you like about yourself. This might be a great start to not only lessen being self-conscious but also to boost your child’s self-confidence and to build a different perspective on how she sees herself.

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    2. Teach them that nobody is perfect.

    Be less critical and avoid commenting on others’ shapes and sizes. Teach your kids to appreciate beauty in different forms until it becomes a habit. This could help promote a positive outlook on their own traits and appearance. Help them focus on the amazing things their bodies can do, such as in sports, their talents and skills, so they would learn how to love themselves and realize their self-worth.

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    3. Tell them to take good care of their body.

    Rather than striving to lose weight, a better thing to teach them is the importance of having a healthy mind and body. Begin with a sensible diet and eating nutritious foods, getting enough sleep according to their age, and being active every day while also having fun. 

    Remember that raising a child with a positive body image is tantamount to building their future with confidence and success!

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