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  • 4 Parenting Lessons You Didn't Know Matter Most

    What lessons did your own mom teach you that you in turn want to pass to your own kids? Read on.
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    “Mom knows best.” This age-old adage doesn’t ring truer than when you become a mom yourself. That’s the time when you look back and remember what your own mom did for you, and try to do the same thing with your kids.

    Some parents tend to be overprotective of their children, not allowing them to go play outdoors and in turn, leaving an impression on a child that he is better off inside the comforts of his home rather than rolling in the dirt. According to The Atlantic article “The Overprotective Kid” by Hannah Rosin, children are born with an instinct for risky play; it is a form of “exposure therapy” where they do something they fear and overcome it. When this is not achieved, a child’s fear becomes a phobia. 

    Book author Sue Palmer (Toxic Childhood) and psychotherapy lecturer, Dr. Richard House, agree. They wrote that “real play - socially interactive, first-hand, loosely supervised - has always been a vital part of children's development”. They encourage parents to let go –however hard it seems—and allow their children to play.


    Here are four lessons you may impart:


    1. Germs can be sometimes your friends

    The world was your playground when you tagged along with your mom: running errands, having a picnic, or vacationing at the beach. Just like you when you were young, your kids are naturally curious—from running barefoot on the grass and enjoying the cool breeze, to simply molding mud shapes or collecting rocks. A little bit of germs can help boost your kids' immune system. 

    But don’t forget proper hygiene. Your own mom always asked you to wash your hands before eating, so remind your kids to do the same.


    2. Play to learn

    When you were young and carefree, all you wanted to do was play—and that’s what your kids want to do as well. Kids learn basic concepts through hands-on play, even picking up some social skills when playing with their peers. You can’t deny it was a vital requirement for your amazing childhood. Remember when you and your mom caught dragonflies in the garden, or blew bubbles with your friends using gumamela sap? Play makes everything fun and learning faster and easier. 


    3. Try anything, do everything

    Whether it’s playing hide-and-seek (especially at night), camping out in the garden to watch the stars, or just riding a bike perfectly after two days of practicing without training wheels, your mom always encouraged you to do your best while you have fun. It’s the same assurance you’d like your kids to have, that you’ve always got their back no matter what. So be like your mother and let your kids go on adventures and explore. Trying out different things can help your child sort out what they really want. 


     4. The world is yours - take it 

    Remember those scavenger hunts your parent let you play as a kid? Your hands dug for anything and everything just to win—and it wasn’t a problem.  How so?


    Serving a variety of healthy, nutritious meals to kids lets them get their daily dose of protein, carbohydrates, vitamins, and minerals, which in turn protects them from illnesses. Don’t forget to pour them a glass of growing-up milk to get their calcium fix—or even better, one that helps protect their tummy from harmful bacteria, like NIDO® 3+, the only one with Lactobacillus PROTECTUS®. From there, even if your child accidentally wipes his mouth with his dirty hands, you can be worry-free.


    Motherhood is a rollercoaster ride, but it’s a fun and wonderful one nonetheless. If it worked for you and your mom, it’ll be wonderful for you and your kids as well.  Your kids need all the help they can get from you, Mom; and your most trusted milk NIDO®3+ can help your kids be protected so they can have an amazing childhood that they will surely never forget. NIDO® 3+ is the only growing-up milk with Lactobacillus PROTECTUS®, on top of other essential nutrients your kids need. 


    With your tender loving care and proper nutrition, your child can take to heart the lessons you have imparted fully.


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