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  • Since she gave birth to daughter Stellar over a year ago, Chynna Ortaleza has been vocal about her struggles as a new mom, from her breastfeeding challenges to finding a "yaya na may puso" to help take care of her child.

    In an interview with Pep.ph, Chynna paints an honest picture of motherhood. "I'd like to give you a showbiz answer and say, 'Oh yeah, it's the most fulfilling thing in the world, I'm so happy!' But the truth is, it's not naman talaga a walk in the park if you become a mom. It's a really challenging thing," Chynna said.

    Here's a rundown of the challenges Chynna has faced and her tips on how she dealt with them.


    1. Being unable to breastfeed doesn't make you a bad mom. 
    Chynna admitted that she broke down when she finally accepted the reality that exclusive breastfeeding was not working out for her and her daughter. She tried her best, but in the end, she followed her mom instincts and mixed feed instead. 

    2. Each mom has a different formula for balance. 
    Any time a woman becomes a mom, it will almost always feel like she needs to face a choice between motherhood and career. Chynna is no different who says that her passion for her acting career and motherhood almost take equal space in her heart. "Sometimes, you're left at a point in your life when you feel like, 'Should I choose one over the other?'" Being Stellar's mom will always take precedence of course, but Chynna doesn't deny that she misses acting.

    Chynna added, "There are a lot of women who are empowered, but at the same time, they also find it difficult, e."

    When Chynna sees Stellar happy, however, it gives her the will to soldier on even if she has to sacrifice a lot of herself for her child. "But the thing is, if you decide to become a mom, you really have to deny yourself of a lot of things. It's a call for self-denial pretty much," Chynna said. 

    3. Trust your child's judgment when it comes to a yaya.
    Though her mom and her mother-in-law are always ready to help with taking care of Stellar, Chynna did not want to burden them so much with child care, but finding a reliable yaya has been tough

    "If you find somebody who your daughter likes, then you have to adjust your standards also so that at least you find a person who'll take care of your daughter," the new mom said, stressing the importance of the child's input in the search for a yaya. "If your child is happy with your nanny then, trust that you found a pretty good nanny for her," Chynna explained.

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    4. Don't worry too much.
    "I know it's difficult, but you have to make things lighter for everybody because your child will definitely feel that things are heavy if you project that kind of aura," Chynna said. She recently admitted to baby blues, and went through a roller coaster of emotions. She missed acting when she wasn't working and then wondered about the time she could be spending with her daughter now she is back at work. 

    For now, Chynna and Kean are trying to have that balance, to have time for Stellar, for each other as husband and wife, and for their careers and personal growth.

    5. You can't always be in control. 
    Chynna is lucky to have help from Kean, her mom and mother-in-law, and a nanny. "There are things that will really be out of your control, and you just have to support yourself with prayers because you know, ano naman yan e, kumbaga masosolusyunan at masosolusyunan," she added. 

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