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5 Mommy Choices You Shouldn't Feel Guilty About


    It's common for expecting moms like you to question your decisions and second-guess your choices the moment you find out you're pregnant. Despite the support you get from well-meaning friends and family and the amount of information you get from the internet, it's hard not to doubt yourself through your entire pregnancy journey, especially if this is your first one. 

    But you don't have to feel guilty because no matter what others say, you're the mom and you know what's best for your child.

    Here are some of the toughest mommy choices you've had to make (or may have to make in the future)—and why you should feel absolutely no guilt about them:


    1. Breastfeeding vs. bottle feeding

    After you've given birth, you will be encouraged to breastfeed your baby until he's six months old, but you may have already read stories and articles saying that this is easier said than done. Every mom is unique and there will always be breastfeeding obstacles to overcome.

    Some moms have no problem producing breastmilk, but they might have babies who cannot latch on properly. Some moms have medical conditions that wouldn't allow them to breastfeed. 

    Both breastfeeding and bottle feeding are geared towards giving babies the nutrition they need, so there's no shame in choosing either.


    2. Your food choices

    When your baby finally starts eating solid food, people around you can be quick to judge you when you feed him bottled baby food instead of mashed fruits and vegetables.

    Don't worry about it—not everyone is aware of your child's medical history. They may not know about certain food allergies that influence the food choices you make for him. You can be open to helpful and informed suggestions, but in the end, the final decision is still yours to make.


    3. The baby-care products you use

    Remember that baby’s skin is delicate, and different children may have varying skin reactions to the same baby-care products. Don't worry if you're not using what everybody else is using, or if you want to try a brand you trust with your own skincare needs, like Dove.

    Baby Dove is now in the Philippines, so your baby can enjoy the benefits of effective skincare from products that are mild but deeply moisturizing.


    4. The clothes you let your child wear

    Comfort should be key when dressing your baby. If your baby is able to move around and play comfortably in sando and shorts, then by all means, make it his go-to playtime outfit.

    Whether you choose washable diapers or disposable ones shouldn't be dictated by the people around you, too. It should depend on whichever is best for your child, and you're the only one (along with his pediatrician) who can determine that.    


    5. Your child's sleep routine

    Should you let your baby sleep with you during his first months? Or should you let him have his own room immediately? How many hours of sleep should he get during the night? How often should he take naps during the day?

    Each baby will develop his own sleeping pattern. You can consult with a sleep expert or your child's pediatrician when you're in doubt. As long as your child gets the right amount of sleep and rest, you don't have to worry about how different his sleep pattern is from those of other kids his age.

    Know (and understand) that the comments and suggestions you hear from other people come from a place of genuine concern. It's important to acknowledge their intention to help, but it's also vital that you do not let what they say affect you and how you raise your child. Believe in your own parenting choices no matter how different or conventional they may seem to other people—after all, you make these choices specifically for your child and his needs. 

    All moms want only what's best for their children—we just have our own unique ways of showing it. Join #RealMoms and Baby Dove in a conversation that aims to end mom shaming, because after all there are no perfect moms, just real ones—click here!

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