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  • 5 of the Many Types of Moms Who Deserve the Spotlight

    There's always a reason to celebrate all kinds of mothers every day.
5 of the Many Types of Moms Who Deserve the Spotlight
  • Not all moms and what they do for their children get the attention they deserve. Mother's Day doesn't have to be the only time to recognize the unique kind of love and care that they give their children. If being a mother is a 24/7 job, then why not celebrate all kinds of moms every single day? 

    Here are just a few of them. Perhaps you know fellow moms with similar stories, or you yourself can relate to these:  

    1. The Teen Mom

    Having become a mother at such a young age, she doubts if she can be a good parent. She may think, "Am I doing enough for my child?" And as she grows older, she realizes that she needs to set her priorities straight: "Siya muna bago ako." Instead of traveling, shopping for herself, and hanging out with her friends who are still enjoying the single life, she saves her hard-earned money for her child's tuition and other needs. 

    2. The Single Mom

    She works double-time to raise her children as she makes ends meet. She's at work during the day and takes care of her children at night. Though being a solo mom can be extra challenging, what drives her every day is wanting her children not to feel that they lack a parent.

    3. The Stepmom

    It can be hard to take on the role of "mom" if you're not the biological mother. Nevertheless, a stepmom can give the same love and care to her stepchild as if he is her own. To get closer to him, she spends as much time with him as she can allot and supports his every endeavor.

    4. The Brave Mom

    Watching your child battle a terminal illness and losing your child after is definitely a traumatic experience. It's tough to go through life when there's a hole in your heart that you know can never be filled. But what keeps this kind of mom going is her faith in God that allows her to transform her pain into the strength to continue loving and caring for her other children.

    5. The Proud Mom

    When she was young, she was not able to finish school and fulfill her dreams because of her family's situation. Now that she's a parent, she makes sure that her child will not go through the same hardships she experienced. She's willing to do whatever it takes, even if it means taking on multiple jobs, to ensure a bright future for him. In the end, she is proud to see that she's able to raise him well.

    These are just some of the many stories of modern motherhood. Each one is special and deserves to be heard, read, and shared both in real life and on social media. 

    Journeying with moms for 125 years, JOHNSON'S® believes that each of them has a unique way of caring for her baby.

    How do you give your best for your baby? Share your story online by using the hashtags #MomsRepresent and #AlwaysOurBestForBaby.

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