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5 Subtle Ways Your Kids Say They Love You

They won't always say it, but they do have their ways of showing their love.

Have you ever felt like your kids take you for granted? Like they don't see the things you do for them or you don't hear them say 'thank you' enough? It can feel like that sometimes, especially when your kids are in the awkward teen years and they are more expressive online than they are at home. It can be challenging to establish real connections at home, but there are several ways your child could be saying you mean a lot to them. It may look like they don't see what you do for them, but you'd be surprised at how much they actually value your presence in their lives.

Check out these subtle ways your kids say they love you.

They follow your advice

No kid would admit that the best pieces of advice they've ever taken are their mom's. But it's true. When your kids are with their friends, they've probably said: "My mom told me…" which just means they value what you say more than you think they do.

They carry your things for you 

It may be the groceries or your handbag—your kids know you're already doing so much; carrying your things for you is the least they can do.

They say good morning or good night

They may not always say they love you, but if you often hear them wish you a good morning (or night), it's their subtle way of letting you know that you are always on their minds. It works the same way too when they kiss you goodbye!

They tell their friends about you 

You may not know all your kid's friends, but trust us when we say, their friends know a lot about you. Your children have probably bragged about your cooking at school or how wonderfully you have prepared their baon, and how you've stayed up late with them, working on a school project.

They do things without being told

When your kids help around the house without being told, they're trying to show you that they care if you get tired from doing chores. It's also a simple way of showing you that they know you would like them to be more responsible around the house.

You've probably seen your children doing these things, but missed that they meant they love you more than they could ever say. It's not that they don't see what you're doing for them, it could be that it's not in their personalities to be vocal about how they feel.

Watch the video below and see how one kid couldn't think of a way to express how much his mom means to him, but eventually found the sweetest way possible to #ConnectforReal.

Has your child done something like this too? Share how your family tries to #ConnectforReal here


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