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5 Super Parenting Hacks Marian Rivera Swears By

Here’s how the Primetime Queen juggles her responsibilities as an actress, a wife and a first-time mom.

Primetime Queen Marian Rivera has gone through so many transformations, from teleserye queen to dance diva and now wife to Dingdong Dantes and mom to Zia. Her priorities have changed and even now that Zia is past 6 months, Marian's priorities continue to evolve.  

To her, motherhood is a learning experience and despite the challenges that come with being a first time mother, she continues to praise the life changes it brought. "Masarap ang buhay may asawa pero mas masarap ang buhay pag may anak. Gusto mo 'yung laging may natutunan at gusto mong ma-apply yun sa anak. Gusto mong ma-discover at pag-aralan nang mabuti," she reveals.

It's never easy to be a mom, but there are super simple ways to be a super mommy like Marian. Here are 5 parenting hacks directly from the super mommy herself:

Time management is key

Marian is known for her roles as an actress, endorser, wife, and now, mother. But she never lets her multiple roles get in the way of Zia, her number one priority. "Mahirap gawin lahat – magkaroon ng anak, maging asawa, at work... Time management! Pero ngayon pinipili ko na more time sa pag-alaga kay Zia."

Learn from the experts

"Umattend ako ng seminars at nagtanong-tanong: sa mommy ko, sa lola ko, sa mommy ni Dong. Gusto ko yung bawat mangyayari, masolusyonan." Marian makes sure that she leaves no stone unturned in researching ways to become a good mother. She took advice from her family members and adopted a can-do attitude for the challenges.

Use everyday activities like bathing as bonding moments

"Favorite naming [ni Dong] paliguan siya. 'Di siya takot sa tubig, lagi siyang naglalaro." Marian shares when asked about best bonding moments with Zia and husband Dingdong.

Avoid harmful products

There are many potentially harmful products to a baby. Marian learned that family bar soaps are harsh to the skin because of dryness issues. Learn more about the effects of family bar soaps here!

Rely only on high quality products for skin care

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Marian's role in life has become more complex and she has learned a great deal from her experience. From a superstar, she is now a loving wife and a super mom to her daughter Zia. Through her experiences and with the help of her Johnson's family, she will continue to be the super mommy that she is.

This article was created by Summit Storylabs in partnership with Johnson's Milk+Oats Baby Bath and Lotion.