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  • 7 Reasons a Creative Child Will Succeed in Life

    An abundance of creativity will set up your child for the future -- here's why
    by Andrea Herrera . Published Apr 7, 2016
7 Reasons a Creative Child Will Succeed in Life
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    Creativity is not often the first thing that comes to mind when we get asked about the traits we want for our kids. We gush about their messy painting and praise their crooked drawing, but just how much do we encourage and nurture it?

    We need to pay attention to creativity as much as we do when it comes to our kids' IQ. Because in this age, high IQ doesn't necessarily mean your kids can find new ways of doing things or come up with new ideas. But creativity definitely can. 

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    Here's why you need to let them "follow their fascinations and compulsions." 

    1. Creativity develops good problem skills.
    It gives them the ability to think in unusual ways to come up with solutions to a problem, and it's something they can bring all the way to adulthood. Being good problem solvers will let your child deal better with various aspects of his life.

    2. Creativity helps teach cognitive skills.
    Some people do not relate creativity to mathematics and scientific thinking, but creativity actually helps develop these cognitive skills. Creative thinking involves analyzing, problem solving, imagining, and hypothesizing, among others.  

    3. Creativity makes one open to new ideas--and come up with his own.
    A child who is more receptive to new things and ideas will help him cope and adapt faster. Creativity will help in coming up with new ideas--a very important skill that is much valued in this fast-paced world. Think about some of the most successful people in the world. Steve Jobs’ coding skills are not what made him successful--it was his ideas.

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    4. Creativity promotes emotional development.
    A lot of creative activities often involve tapping into your emotional side. Creative expression can be vital in helping your child in identifying his emotions and in dealing with them. Whether it is drawing, painting, writing a poem, or playing the piano, expressing himself creatively will help him develop emotionally.

    5. Creativity increases motivation and satisfaction.
    In most creative pursuits, the process itself or the doing is its own reward. Encouraging your child’s creativity will also give him awareness of what keeps him motivated and satisfied.

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    6. Creativity develops self confidence.
    The ability to create something and feel satisfaction from a creative activity is a great way to build a child’s self confidence. It helps him learn that he can do something if he sets his mind to it, and that his ideas, thoughts, and emotions--all of which are put into creative pursuits--are valuable.

    7. Creativity nurtures an attitude for success.
    Nurturing creativity also means nurturing a ‘can-do’ attitude--something that is very important in setting up someone for success.

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