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  • 7 Valuable Lessons a Child Learns in Culinary Class

    With school opening still more than a month away, there's time for some parent-and-child kitchen fun
    by Andrea Herrera .
7 Valuable Lessons a Child Learns in Culinary Class
  • The kitchen is not the place where you’d usually find kids. Although some moms make an effort to keep the kitchen kid-free, there are actual benefits to encouraging kids to be more involved with what happens there. The real perk is in letting your child participate and help out. An even more excellent option is to send him to culinary class. Wondering if that’s a smart idea? Read on to find out what a culinary class can teach your child.

    1. Invaluable cooking skills
    This is the biggest and most obvious reason to send your child to culinary class. The cooking skills and knowledge he will acquire will serve him well even in his adulthood. You will feel less anxious with the thought that your child knows how to feed himself properly and it will be a valuable life skill that your child’s future spouse will be immensely grateful for.

    2. Good healthy eating habits
    One of the best results of your child learning how to cook is that he will also be more critical of what he consumes. It will be easier to avoid processed food and other unhealthy food items because your child will be more aware of different ingredients and how important they are in the food that he consumes. He will also have increased appreciation of how his food is prepared. All of these will train him to be more conscious of what he puts inside his body, allowing good healthy eating habits to develop. Once he knows he has better alternatives to opening up a package of processed food, he will find it easier to avoid them.

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    3. Math and science skills
    A simple recipe can become an instant learning opportunity on basic math skills, fractions, and unit conversions. Cooking a dish can be likened to a science experiment, allowing your child to observe many physical and chemical reactions between different ingredients. Other math and science skills such as measuring, estimating, and weighing are also practiced.

    4. An appreciation for grocery shopping
    Shopping for groceries is one of the dreaded activities of a lot of children and this will likely change once your child has learned how to cook. Most culinary classes also involve lessons on how to shop for ingredients and grocery trips will now become instant extensions of his culinary classroom.

    5. Comprehension
    A recipe is simply a set of instructions that needs to be followed to make a particular dish. This involves understanding the step-by-step instructions and following them which are essential reading comprehension skills.

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    6. Independence
    There are many skills that will be developed when learning how to cook such as cutting up ingredients, mixing, using kitchen tools and equipment, cleaning up afterwards, and even washing up the kitchen stuff that were used. All of these tasks will help foster his independence and develop the gross and fine motor skills he needs.

    7. Self-esteem
    Having the capability to prepare his own food and perhaps even prepare food for other members of the family will help your child feel accomplished and more confident, increasing his self-esteem. Being in a cooking class will teach your child to create. The ability to create something good and to be able to share that with other people will do wonders for your child’s self-esteem.

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