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  • 7 Simple Gestures That Make Dad Feel Like A King

    These are the little things you can do for dad to make him feel extra special.
  • The king of your family truly deserves a royal treatment whether it's Father's Day or not. In real life, however, things and life can get in the way of expressing our love. Life is more than just checking things off a to-do list. An accumulation of small things is really the big thing in life. Here are some simple ways to give dad the royal treatment he deserves.

    Try something new together.

    It does not have to be as massive as bungee jumping  trip or an escapade around Europe. It can be as simple as trying out new things together like going around an unexplored part of your village or town.

    You can also bring your dad out of the house and join SM Supermalls in celebrating the head of the family. In their campaign #DadIsKingAtSM, they want to honor all kinds of dads through different shopping, dining, booze and entertainment treats that every man of the house (and even #SuperMoms) will definitely enjoy! If your dad is not too camera shy, he can try SM Supermalls' Mini Dad runway contest with your kid this June 18-19.

    Serenade his heart through his stomach.

    Who does not like good food? You can give your pasta a new spin or concoct your man’s childhood favorites and give him pleasant memories to go by. Or have some down time and dine elsewhere. SM provides discounts for dads in their Dad’s Eat Out Weekend and All Day Happy Hour. There are also treats that accompany every bottle of beer.

    Join him in his hobbies.

    It’s a common running joke that a married man cannot change the world, much less gain control of the family remote control! Let Dad be the boss on how he would like to spend his time and go along with it. You might be surprised that you will actually enjoy the things he does. If you don’t mind the noise, SM’s Clash of Dads (June 18-19) also allow kids to bond with their gamer dads as they play the hottest video games on Cyberzone.

    Let the big boy play with his toys.

    Dads may be dads, but most of them never outgrow their collections of choice. Is he a fan of comic books? Or does he get a kick out of collecting exquisite glass chess pieces? How about indulging him as he drools and test drives new car models? Keys to the City is where SM showcases classic cars, monster trucks and big bikes for dads.

    Happy Hour!

    No need to be a wine connoisseur to enjoy a good bottle of wine from time to time! World Brews (June 13-19) is where Dads get to try premium beers and other world-class liquors, truly in keeping with SM Supermalls’ #DadIsKingAtSM adage. 

    Super personalize your affection.

    Every family has its own share of private jokes and signature shows of affection. Use your unique #SuperMom love language for a winning gesture for your #IdolDad. You can get the kids to greet dad when he gets home from work, take off his shoes and give hima good foot rub. Meanwhile, his favorite dish is waiting on the dining table. You can also take a nice photo of dad and post it on Instagram! Allow yourself to be resourceful and creative with what you already have as a family - all you have to do is work together!

    Dads are truly very simple and easy to please. All that matters to them is that their families are provided for and everyone they love is happy. So you don't need much to make him feel like a king. It could be a simple hug or a nice cup of coffee made just the way he likes it - all that matters is that you appreciate everything he's done for the family.

    To get to know more about the exciting ideas SM Supermalls has come up with to make dad feel extra special, click here!

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