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  • 8 Family Values We Are Re-Learning from "AlDub"

    Find out what we can learn — or re-learn — from GMA’s popular KalyeSerye love team — and Lola Nidora, of course.
    by Tina Santiago-Rodriguez .
8 Family Values We Are Re-Learning from "AlDub"
  • If you’ve been on social media or browsing through the Internet lately, you probably have come across different posts and articles about “AlDub,” the highly popular love team that stars in “KalyeSerye,” a segment within GMA’s noontime show "Eat Bulaga". “AlDub” is composed of Alden Richards, an actor/host, and “Yaya Dub” or Maine Mendoza, who became a YouTube hit because of her Dubsmash videos.

    The love team — and their show — have become a national sensation, and many people have been lauding the show for its promotion of good, old-fashioned values, which are usually espoused by one of the show’s lead characters, Lola Nidora, portrayed by comedian Wally Bayola.  

    Even different celebrities and leaders of church groups have commended the show because of the values it is promoting — so it’s no wonder then that many parents have also become AlDub fans, and consider it worth watching with their kids.

    Raymond Bandril, a church worker at the Catholic Bishops Conference of the Philippines (CBCP) Media Office, and dad of 5, shares: “It was my son who told me about AlDub and the values. As a dad and one who works for the Church, I was skeptic. It was only when the character of Lola Nidora spoke about the value of marriage that I got hooked. She said:

    “Hindi sapat ang yaman para ibigin ang isang tao. Ang pag-ibig ay nararamdaman, hindi binibili, ipinaglalaban, iniingatan at ipinagkakaloob sa tamang panahon."

    “After that I went on to social media to process every good message from the show using the Papal Visit account, quoting scripture and the pope about love, chastity, virtues, morality, modesty. I couldn’t believe it when the tweets were widely accepted.

    “I have children, and I always censor what they watch. Most often, our TV is off but with shows that emulate values and morality like KalyeSerye, we watch it together. Shows like it are making parenting easier.”

    So what exactly are the values that we can learn — or more like, re-learn — from AlDub, Lola Nidora and the whole KalyeSerye team? Here are 8 of them:

    1. You can have “good, clean” fun despite what is portrayed by most mainstream media outlets.
    Des Padilla, food cart owner, mother to Sabine, 8, Aida, 6, Franko, 4, Maria, 2, and Jax, 3 months, shares why she considers KalyeSerye as a “good” show with values: “It’s a better alternative to other noontime shows; it promotes clean fun.”
    Aimee Cruz, an entrepreneur and mother to Aaron, 13, and Anna, 12, adds, “As a parent, I think the KalyeSerye segment of Eat Bulaga is a refreshing departure from the kind of shows we're bombarded with nowadays.

    “Let's face it, almost all our local programs are over-sexualized and teeming with violence, which prompted me to ban local channels at home. For a change, we have something that's completely wholesome yet romantic at the same time.”

    2. There is nothing wrong — and everything right — about old-fashioned courtship.
    Celerhina Aubrey, neophyte mum, blogger behind celerhinaaubrey.com, I.T. specialist, and breastfeeding advocate shares, “ I love Eat Bulaga's KalyeSerye because it reminds us of the old values we have long forgotten like the importance of courtship… I love that Alden shows that he is willing to do everything to prove his love. He earned Lola Nidora’s trust by being maginoo, consistent, and persistent.”

    Mauie Flores, who describes herself as a “blogger, entrepreneur, FEAST servant, and proud Catholic,” agrees with Celerhina. “I am most particular about the traditional panliligaw that it reminds us of. I can totally relate because my son Ralph, at 15, is already of dating age! Lola Nidora reminds suitors of the value of patience and sacrifice in pursuing a girl. Yun bang ‘hahamakin ang lahat’ at ‘susuot sa butas ng karayom.’ We seldom see that anymore. Today, M.U. (mutual understanding) lang and the teens today already feel that it's a serious commitment.”

    3. It’s important to respect and obey our elders.
    In this day and age, virtues like respect for elders and obedience are sometimes overlooked and dismissed as too “old-fashioned” for our modern world. We all know, though, that these are important values that should be passed on to our kids. “AlDub highlights respect for elders — knowing that they are wiser than us, the younger generation,” Des shares.

    Mauie gives her two cents’ worth too: “The show also teaches about humility and respect for elders. The ‘pagmamano’ that, in some families, has already been replaced by a kiss on the cheek… KalyeSerye reminds us all of these.”

    4. Prudence and modesty are important traits for women — and young girls — to possess. For the men — and young boys — patience and hard work are key.
    In one of the KalyeSerye episodes, Lola Nidora gives Yaya Dub tips for her first date with Alden, complete with table manners and makeup lessons. She also emphasized modesty in the way she acts, and even in the way she dresses. This is one of the things many parents like about the show.

    Des explains, “The show’s promotion of old-fashioned values of courtship: prudence and modesty for women, plus patience and hard work for the men, and delayed gratification… these are all good values.”

    These are values that we can teach to our kids, even at a young age.

    5. Most times, our elders are strict with us for a good reason.
    We would do well to heed the advice of our elders, who usually have our best interests at heart. Celerhina shares, “I love that Lola Nidora's role, although very strict, is loved by the people. She is strict but she is not a kontrabida. She is strict because she loves Yaya Dub, and is only after her well-being.”

    6.  At the end of the day, family is what matters most.
    During the KalyeSerye episode where Alden and Yaya Dub have their first date — #ALDUBMostAwaitedDate — Yaya had to leave unexpectedly early because she had to give Lola Nidora her medicine. Although she and Alden were disappointed, and could have chosen to go on with their date (Lola Nidora even told them to), she still chose to leave — because she knew her priorities, i.e. Lola Nidora, whom she had come to consider as “family.”

    Celerhina shares, “Putting your family first over your love — this is a value we have long forgotten when it comes to courtship.”

    7. Patience is truly a virtue.
    Normi Herrera, freelance writer, mom to Ziki, 3, and Amos, 1, shares, “As a parent of two boys, I want them to be respective of elders and women. It's a good thing that the KalyeSerye show emphasized this, and also highlighted the values of patience and self-control because many have seemed to forget these, especially in our fast-paced era today. These values not only apply in romantic relationships but in our overall approach to life.”

    Des adds, “Lola Nidora always says, ‘Sa tamang panahon.’ There is always a right time for everything and it isn’t necessarily ‘now.’ I think this is something that the young now need to hear since, most of our technology now makes everything easy for them.”

    8. Learning self-control, perseverance, and delayed gratification will help us succeed at love and life.
    Aimee shares, “I believe the KalyeSerye segment teaches our young people that love isn't something to be taken lightly and that we should work hard to prove ourselves to the person whose affection we seek.

    “It also teaches the importance of self-control and delayed gratification — the hardships and challenges that Alden goes through in order to win Lola Nidora's approval is a great example of how perseverance and determination can help us achieve our goals and aspirations.”

    Shows like KalyeSerye are definitely not that common these days, and the values they promote are like a breath of fresh air in an environment where values like immediate gratification, immodesty and lack of respect for one’s self and others unfortunately abound.

    Of course, the aforementioned values are probably not the only good values we can re-learn from AlDub — we’re sure there are plenty more to be gleaned from previous and upcoming episodes! In the meantime, we’d like to hear from YOU — do you think KalyeSerye is a good show with sound values? Why or why not? Share your thoughts with us by leaving a comment below!

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