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  • Are you hovering too much over your child? If you can relate to a lot of these signs, maybe it's time to let go...even just a little bit.

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    1. You do your child's homework.
    Fine, you don't physically write the answers but you're sitting next to him watching him make every single mark on his paper. And if he begins to write the wrong answer, you're quick to jump in and correct him before he does. He can't submit an imperfect assignment!

    2. You pick out your child's clothes when you go out.
    Yes, we know. If you left her up to her own devices, nothing will match. And how will that reflect on you? Tsk tsk.

    3. The teachers always get a piece of your mind.
    You know what's best for your child. Of course you do. And you make sure the authority figures in his life know it too. Every chance you get. Can't let them forget, right?

    4. When she's playing with other kids, you're the one settling disputes, suggesting what to play, and making sure they stay on schedule.
    God forbid the kids think of something on their own! How will they learn anything or get any proper stimulation that way? And you don't want any disagreements under your watch. You make sure to nip them in the bud or fix them the moment they take place!

    5. You sign up your child for every single extra curricular class and make sure she practices the skills at home as often as possible.
    If she doesn't put in the extra hours, how will she get better? Then how will she perform come the next family reunion?

    6. Your calendar is filled with your child's activities. And none of your own.
    You're the one cheering on the sidelines or waiting in the hallways, addressing each child by his secret nickname (you know each child's strengths and weaknesses too!) and joking around with the teachers (because you know all their inside jokes and the lowdown on their love lives). So how can you even think of scheduling anything for yourself? There just isn't any time.

    7. You research and approve all the food your kids eat and all the toys they play with.
    You lovingly arrange each toyso it is displayed to its best advantage. When it comes to meals, you deliver lunch to your child every day.

    8. You have no qualms about pushing.. err, encouraging your kids to show off what they can do.
    You love parties and gatherings because your child can shine, proving what an awesome parent you are and how accomplished you, uh, your child has become.

    9. You can lead your child's class in every single performance.
    And you know you can do a better job than the teacher. In fact, isn't that her over there sitting it out because you've already taken over? Smart move, Teacher.


    If you do recognize yourself in any of the numbers above, don't worry. Parenting is all about balance. As long as you aren't overdoing it (a.k.a. suffocating your child and running his life for him), you're probably fine. Now go do something fun for yourself. You deserve a break!

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