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  • Parent's Review: Pigeon Nasal Aspirator

    Mom and contributor, Anne Macalino-Santos talks about why the Pigeon Nasal aspirator is a must-have in her medicine cabinet.
    by Anne Macalino-Santos .
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  • Isn't it such an ordeal when our babies catch colds?  Aside from administering medicine, you need to make sure that their noses are clear of mucus so they can breathe and sleep well.  Surely we all have that suction bulb that our babies absolutely dread! Unfortunately, until after our kids learn how to blow their noses on their own, we parents have only the suction bulb as our only recourse.

    Inspired by what Parents Actually Do to De-Clog their Babies’ Noses

    Pigeon Nasal Aspirator
    That is why I love the Pigeon Nasal Aspirator—a revolutionary product that will make extracting mucus out of your child's nose a breeze. Surely, you've heard stories of parents who have sucked mucus out directly from their baby's nose because those suction bulbs just won't do the trick!  Some have even used straws.  This product probably takes inspiration from all those stories.

    The Parts of the Pigeon Nasal Aspirator
    The Pigeon Nasal Aspirator has 3 parts:  (1) the tube, made of soft rubber, (2) a small cylindrical container, made of durable hard plastic, and (3) a cover that doubles as a nozzle for your child's nose, also made of hard plastic (the nozzle is sized just right so it does not go into your baby's nose, it safely stays at the opening.)

    How It Works
    How it works: The tube is attached to the cover/nozzle; the cover is attached to the cylinder.  One end of the tube goes to your mouth (like a straw), then you put the nozzle on your child's nostril and start sucking.  As you suck, the mucus goes directly into the cylindrical container. You can control the force of your suction and you will know that you're done with you feel free air going into your mouth. 
    The tube is made with clear rubber and the container is made with clear plastic so it's easy to clean—just rinse with warm water or sterilize (except the container) if you wish; and it's easy to see if the mucus is clear or not.  As a bonus, the Pigeon Nasal Aspirator comes with a hard plastic carry case for easy storage and portability. As a parent, I find the Pigeon Nasal Aspirator a must-have for my medicine cabinet.
    The Pigeon Nasal Aspirator retails at P279.95. It’s available in Baby and Co. and Rustan's Department Store.

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