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  • Kelly Misa-Fernandez On Becoming The Woman Of Her Dreams

    "Life is no longer about me, as Tristan has become my number one priority. Having a baby means you think about your baby all the time, and all you want to do is be with him."
  • When a woman becomes a mother, everything about her changes. The most obvious changes are the physical ones. She becomes rounder, curvier, more womanly. But as Kelly Misa-Fernandez, blogger, model, and mom to Tristan, explains, the transformation goes beyond the physical.

    "Motherhood has pretty much changed me in all aspects of my life, especially physically and emotionally," she says. "Of course, my body isn't the same as it was before. I have gained weight and I have more curves now, as opposed to my stick-thin figure before. Clothes don't fit the same way anymore, and my sense of style has changed as I can only wear comfortable clothes now that has easy access for breastfeeding."

    But more significantly, Kelly says, "Life is no longer about me, as Tristan has become my number one priority. Having a baby means you think about your baby all the time, and all you want to do is be with him."

    Indeed, so wrapped up in Tristan is Kelly that she is 90 percent emotionally focused on her baby and her family, nine percent on her work, and one percent on herself. She admits, "I can never sit through a movie or TV series now. I just can't anymore."

    While these changes can be overwhelming, Kelly is wise enough to take in the good with the bad. She explains, "They're like the yin and yang, there is good in the bad and bad in the good I guess. But overall, these changes are good. Having a baby teaches you to be selfless, patient, strong, and loving. In the nine months that Tristan has been with us, I have learned more about myself, my marriage, and my family, more than the 34 years I've been living, and the 13 years I have been together with my husband (married for three years). Raising a baby forces you to be mature and responsible, because you want to be the best person for that child, the best example, and the person he can emulate."

    Of course, transitioning from a carefree single lady to a selfless, giving mother is quite difficult, and Kelly coaxes new moms not to beat themselves about everyday blunders. They also need to be more open to change, more conscious of the time they spend with loved ones, and if they can manage it, treat themselves to some me-time every once in awhile. Kelly herself prefers a mani-pedi, a massage, or a blowout. She says, "These were things I took for granted before I had a baby, and now that I barely have time for myself I relish these moments I have to myself."

    In the end, however, the changes are all worth it. When Kelly sees her baby learning a new trick, growing big and healthy, or just sleeping soundly, her heart melts instantly. She says, "I love the look Tristan gives me every single day, like I'm some sort of superhero. I want him to look at me the same way until he grows up and I am old and gray."

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