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  • 15 Life Truths From Mom: 'Ingatan Mo ang Anak Mo. Balang Araw, Siya ang Magtatanggol Sa 'Yo'

    We're sure you've heard some of these from your mom, too.
    by Kitty Elicay .
15 Life Truths From Mom: 'Ingatan Mo ang Anak Mo. Balang Araw, Siya ang Magtatanggol Sa 'Yo'
  • They say you never really appreciate your mother until you become one yourself. When you experience sleepless nights, endure and sacrifice for your child but feel an overwhelming love each time you hold your little one in your arms, you cannot help but think, “this must have been how she felt.”

    15 best parenting advice moms got from their own moms

    With Mother’s Day just around the corner, we thought of asking our mom readers the most important thing their mothers taught them. It was heartwarming — many could not help but reminisce and express how much they miss their nanays as they shared their sometimes funny but often earnest anecdotes.

    What other parents are reading

    Your mother will be the first one to tell you to love yourself...

    “My mother taught me to work hard, and don’t depend on anyone. Earn and save.” — Lala Tellano-Viray

    “Don’t pass up on any chance to try any kind of food or go to a new place. Never scrimp on food and adventure!” — Marielle Arcala

    “’Wag pabayaan ang sarili para di magmukhang losyang!” — Jem Pornuevo-Leyesa

    ...But she will also tell you that your baby is just as, if not more, important

    “Ingatan mo ang anak mo, kasi balang araw, siya ang magtatanggol sa’yo.” — Des Arguelles

    “Unahin ang baby, saka na ang mga labahin. Ang mga labada, hindi umiiyak!” — Jhoy Formadero-Feudo

    “Be kind-hearted and be strong for your family.” — Wendy Manuel

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    Your mom has the secrets to make a marriage work

    “Huwag pakialaman ang wallet ng asawa mo. Dahil [sa advice niya] never kaming nag-away ng asawa ko pagdating sa pera. Kaya never ako tinaguan ng pera ng asawa ko kasi alam niyang marunong akong rumespeto.” — Jennie Ang

    “Always keep calm — huwag mang-aaway! Hindi lahat nadadaan sa init ng ulo. — Shey Ulanday

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    Mom will always believe in you

    “Kung kaya ng iba, kaya mo rin.” — Germilyn Viernes Salatan

    “Huwag mong sirain ang tiwala ko.” — Rochelle Maghanoy

    “Don’t compare yourself to others.” — Marichel Macanaya

    What other parents are reading

    At the end of the day, every mom’s goal is to make her child a better person.

    “Manners are more important than money.” —  May Roque

    “Ignore negative things that make you feel down and weary and which make your life miserable.” — Camille Mariano Santiago

    “Wherever life takes you, put your feet firmly on the ground. Never forget kung saan ka nanggaling. — Mitchella Mari

    “Always do things with love." — Marygrace Bacud Liban

    This Sunday, hug your own moms tight, say thank you, and love her even more. Happy Mother’s Day, mommies!

    What’s the most important thing your mom taught you? Share it with us in the comments!

    What other parents are reading

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