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Tame Tantrums And Screen Time: 7 Parenting Tips We Learned From Celeb Parents In 2019
PHOTO BY @sarahlahbati, @chekakramer, and @dochayden via Instagram
  • Beyond the glitz and the glamor, celebrity parents are just like us. They also go through the ups and downs of parenting — mainly because kids will be kids.

    Parenting tips from Pinoy celebrity moms and dads

    Despite their celebrity status, we can learn a lot from their experiences when it comes to raising a family. And it’s also quite comforting to know that #momlife and #dadlife can also be crazy for the rich and the famous.

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    Here are the best tips that celebrity parents shared with us this 2019:

    When faced with a toddler throwing a tantrum, let it happen. – Isabel Oli and Maricar de Mesa

    The two celebrity moms gave similar advice to SmartParenting.com.ph when they were asked (in separate interviews) how they deal with tantrums.

    Isabel shares that she just lets her daughter Feather cry it out. After the little girl has calmed down, that’s when Isabel will talk to her. “Sometimes firm, alam niyang ‘ay, hindi na masaya [si mommy]. We don’t tolerate [her] but hindi rin namin siya pinapagalitan,” she shares.


    Maricar, on the other hand, has learned to ignore her daughter, Sky, whenever the little girl throws a tantrum. “Just let her be, malabas niya ang inis, tantrum niya,” she explains. “Kasi mai-i-spoil ‘pag maya-maya ginagano’n mo, ‘Sky, hello, okay!’ It doesn’t work that way. ‘Pag nakuha niya ang gusto niya, uulit-ulitin na niya. So, akala niya, it’s the right way.”

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    Learn to stretch your patience. – Chynna Ortaleza

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    Children can be a handful, especially when they’re learning how to be a threenager. So whenever her daughter, Stellar, makes kulit, Chynna just reminds herself to be more understanding. “Yan ang ugali niya. Repeat, repeat, repat. So kami ni Kean, at this point, we really have to stretch the patience meter a lot para hindi kami magalit,” she shares.

    Answer all of your child’s questions. –Dr. Hayden Kho

    As kids grow, they become more inquisitive and would naturally have a lot of questions for their parents. It can get tiring and you might be tempted to just ignore them, but for Doc Hayden, he makes sure to take every question that Scarlet Snow asks seriously, especially the tough ones.

    “There’s nobody in the world who will care about her than Vicki and myself, so gusto naming tama ‘yung makuha niyang sagot, lalo na kapag moral issues, kailangan tama ‘yung ibigay mong sagot,” he says. After all, an inquisitive child is a learning child.


    Making your child a capable adult does not start in high school. It starts now. – Divine Lee

    The mom-of-two loves to share snippets of her family’s life on social media, which is why it’s no surprise that her followers have a lot to say about her parenting style. But if Divine is letting her one-year-old son, Baz, do things on his own, it’s because she wants him to grow up and be a capable adult.

    “Sorry for not helping you stack your cups, but I want you to figure things out yourself and learn that you need to work hard to get what you want. As much as we want to help you with everything in life, we know that’s not possible so I want you to develop life skills,” Divine shares in an open letter to her son back in November. “I let you do these things coz I believe in you and will never underestimate your capabilities.”

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    Kids need to play outside like we used to. –Sarah Lahbati

    Kids may be growing in the age of technology, where gadgets are readily available to them, but Sarah believes in the importance of letting kids play and move freely. “My kids are so energetic and so playful so one tip I’ll give is to encourage playtime. I love going out in nature or just in the park,” she told Smart Parenting back in May. “Kids need vitamin D, kids need to play outside like we used to. I make sure my kids do that.”

    When weaning kids from gadgets, be clear on what is allowed, what is not. –Jennica Uytingco


    We already know what excessive screen time does to our kids, but removing it from their system can be challenging. For Jennica, who was able to successfully wean her three-year-old daughter, Mori from gadgets, it’s all about being clear “on what is allowed, what isn’t while being calm and respectful to the child.”

    Most importantly, it’s all about being a role model for your kids. “You want to refrain from using your phone also when they are awake. Read a book, do handwork, chores and they will mimic this without you asking them to do so.”

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    Support your child’s interests, even if it’s unconventional. –Chesca and Doug Kramer

    Every child, whether a boy or a girl, should be taught that they can be anything they want to be when they grow up, so it pays to encourage your children to pursue their passions even if it goes against stereotype. Chesca and Doug are leading by example by letting their son, Gavin, take ballet lessons.


    “He made the decision all on his own, and we supported it,” Doug shared in his Instagram Stories back in October. “Gavin is so confident in himself, I love it!”

    “The only boy in his class, but he has no problem with that,” mom Chesca shared in her Instagram Stories. In an Instagram post, she said, "I love you, my Gavin! I love that you love what you're doing. I love how decided you are. I love how you don't care what others might say. I love how confident you are of yourself.”

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