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  • Blessie AdlaonBefore coming back to the Philippines from a five-year mission assignment to Timor Leste, I started doing research about working at home. Yes, I wanted to be a work-at-home mom (WAHM), primarily because we are homeschooling our kids. (Also, being a WAHM definitely has its benefits!)

    So when I stumbled upon Mommy Blessie Adlaon’s blog – which contains “work-at-home leads, extra-income tips, promos and freebies for Filipino moms” – sometime in the first quarter of 2010, I was really grateful. Her blog posts were always very informative and useful, especially for aspiring WAHMs like me. 

    At that time, Escrive Writing and Editing had not been “born” yet. In fact, it took almost a year for Blessie’s home-based writing and editing business to be “fully operational.” Since then, though, business has slowly been picking up, and Mommy Blessie says she credits this blessing to God. “At the start, I earned merely half the salary that I earned when I was employed. But it's amazing what God can do. When He brings you to the desert, He sends manna every morning and birds for meat at night,” she shares. 


    From Blogger to Businesswoman

    Like most WAHMs, Blessie says she decided to give up her job and work from home, and eventually, to start a home-based business, because of her desire to have more time with, and personally raise, her children.

    “When my second child turned three, I noticed that her yaya was having trouble managing her. My daughter was not getting trained in obedience,” Blessie says. “Of course she wasn't! It was beyond her yaya's pay grade to do so. I couldn't think of any other way to raise my daughter the way I wanted her to be raised than by doing it myself. (It was a different story with my eldest, as I was a full-time mom until he was two years old. I went back to work after our second child was born.)”

    Presently, Blessie has three kids aged 7, 5, and 2, with a fourth on the way. Add to that the fact that she is homeschooling and managing a business, I’d say the term “WAHM-extraordinaire” would also be a good way to describe her.


    The Business Idea

     If one is wondering what a writing-and-editing services business is, Blessie shares this with us. “We provide quality print-ready content for websites and print media. We've done travel guides for most of the countries in Asia, Africa, and Europe; blog articles for fashion, parenting, and IT blogs; online news articles; SEO articles; feature stories for magazines; and press releases and advertorials.”

    Blessie also says that what makes Escrive unique is the fact that all their articles are print-ready, i.e. they have been fact-checked, language edited, and proofread before they are sent to clients. “We also run them through Copyscape to make sure they are completely unique and not plagiarized. Depending on client requirements, we may ask our writers to cite inline references to back up the contents of their articles,” she explains. 

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    She also highlights the fact that a lot of companies that specialize in volume production of articles sacrifice the fact checking and language editing in their process. “Often, their maximum editing time is ten minutes. For our 3,500-word travel guides, we spend at least eight hours editing and fact-checking them. (And we pay our writers significantly more than what other BPOs pay theirs.),” she says. 

    Blessie also takes pride in the fact that their work is polished. “You wouldn't know an article wasn't written by a native speaker unless you met the writer personally,” she beams. “Of course, we don't claim that all our writers are perfect English speakers; this is where our editors come in. Our sentences are concise; our paragraphs, reader-friendly.”  

    According to Blessie, a lot of individual freelance writers offer this kind of quality articles, but Escrive “offers it in volume.”


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