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  • Book Review: Goodnight Moon by Margaret Wise Brown

    Mommy contributor Anne Macalino-Santos tells us why she and her son, Tiago, love this classic bedtime story book.
    by Anne Macalino-Santos .
  • Goodnight Moon is one of my son Tiago's favorite bedtime story books! He loves listening to the story, anticipating what or who to say good night to next.  And since he's been reading it almost every night (and day!), he can now tell you the story himself! The book has vibrant colors that almost pop out of the book, very attractive to kids.  The sentences are short and simple, the flow and rhymes are easy to follow and memorize.  Tiago, who is 1.5 years old, finishes the sentences for me! 
    Eases your child’s fears

    It's a wonderful bedtime story to help appease any fear a child might have of sleeping alone or sleeping in the dark.  The book encourages the child to say good night to every single thing (including  bunnies) inside the great green room—from the pictures on the wall to even the air and the stars!  It calms the child and makes them feel safe knowing that everything in the room is familiar to him.  My son and I even extend the good night ritual to things in our room!
    You can do a lot with this book


    The book is just right for a young child's short attention span.  Yet, you can easily stretch the story for those wanting to hear more!  You can use the book to teach your child colors—ask or tell your child the color of a particular item in the house. You can count the items in the house, too!  You can even play “I-Spy” by asking your child to look for the item you are saying good night to!  You'll be surprised at how quickly your child can follow the story's flow and comprehend the narrative!
    Goodnight Moon is one of the most well-loved bedtime stories by kids and adults alike. And surely, it will easily be your favourite and your child's favorite too!
    Other Margaret Wise Brown books you may want to consider:  Runaway Bunny; Goodnight Moon 1,2,3; My World; Big Red Barn.

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