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  • Can Babies See Ghosts? Moms Share Scary Stories: 'May Tumatapik sa Diaper ni Baby'

    Does your baby point at random spaces in the house or maybe laugh or cry all of a sudden?
    by Ana Gonzales .
Can Babies See Ghosts? Moms Share Scary Stories: 'May Tumatapik sa Diaper ni Baby'
  • It's not even Halloween yet and moms from the Smart Parenting Village are already sharing some of their spooky stories and experiences at home with their little ones. One of the moms in the Village recently wondered if children can see ghosts. 


    Surprisingly, a lot of other moms in the Village had similar experiences. Read and hold your children tight!

    Someone's on the bed, mommy

    According to mommy YB OT, when her son was about a year old, he would lie close to his grandmother in bed, cover his eyes, and peek as if he was looking for someone next to him. "Pag-open ko ng ilaw 'yung anak ko nadatnan kong takot na takot na tumitingin sa side niya kaya kinuha siya ng mom ko at niyakap. Tapos sabi ng mom ko bago niya maramdaman 'yung anak ko na sumisiksik sa kaniya, narinig daw niya na may tumatapik sa may diaper niya," the mommy commented.



    For mommy Mailey Cortez, the experience was a little different. Her child would laugh at first and then hide and start crying and eventually her baby got a fever. She had her baby checked by a doctor, but they found no symptoms of dengue or anything else despite the fever. "Lagi pa rin siyang umiiyak tapos may sinisilip siya kung saan wala naman ako makita," she said.

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    "Mommy. Mumu."

    "My son wakes up or randomly tells me, "Mommy. Mumu." He knows a "mumu" because of the FB Messenger effects," said mommy Gabrielle Marie Consuelo Binaday. "Then ituturo nya. Same place always sa may taas ng divider ng rooms namin. Then minsan, ask mo siya if may mumu, wala raw. Minsan meron then sabay turo. 'Di ko na lang tinatanong masyado kasi ako yung natatakot," mommy added.


    "'Yung anak ko sobrang close sa papa ko. He passed away eight months ago. Kapag nandun kami sa kitchen (kung saan malapit room ng papa ko dati) biglang tatawagin ng anak ko, "Papa!" Mga ilang beses yan. So feeling ko baka nga nakikita niya,” mommy Erika Quezora shared.

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    Diaper change

    "Tingin ko nakakakita po talaga mga baby," said mommy Beverley Aniceto-Landicho. "'Yung son ko kasi, mag one year old pa lang siya that time. Mainit nung panahon na iyon kaya naka-open yung window namin kahit matutulog (wala pa kaming aircon noon). Three in the morning, nagising kami ng baby ko kasi puno na diaper niya. Then habang pinapalitan ko siya, nakatingin siya sa window. Naloka ako noong bigla siyang kumakaway sa window! Dahan-dahan ako lumingon, feeling ko nasa horror movie ako. Thank God wala akong nakita pero grabe yung pagtayo ng mga balahibo ko nun. Imposibleng may taong napadaan kasi sa condo kami nakatira at sa 5th floor pa kami.”

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    May tao sa pinto

    According to mommy Queen Alejo Mendoza, her daughter was two years old when it happened. "At my Mom's house, aminado naman ako na may kasama talaga kami dun. 'Di ko lang inexpect na makikita sila ng anak ko," she said. "We were about to sleep. Nakahiga na kami (me, my baby, his dad). Biglang si baby nagsalita di naman namin kinakausap."

    Here’s how that conversation went:

    Baby: No. No. No. (pointing at the door)

    ~ Di ko pinansin.

    Baby: No. No. No! Come! Come! (With hand gestures pa.)

    ~ Dun na ko kinabahan!

    Me: Shhh. Sleep na tayo. Stop na.

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    But can young children really see ghosts?

    These stories all sound so creepy and it feels like it's a normal part of childhood because it happens to a lot of families. However, one question remains. Can children really see ghosts? Refinery29 spoke to child and adolescent psychiatrist Dr. Aleta G. Angelosante about this and she said it happens because children have a harder time discerning what’s real and what isn’t. "Children are hard-wired to learn through imaginative and pretend play, and therefore they can slip between reality and fantasy much more easily than adults," she explains.

    She also talked about how children can misinterpret what they’re seeing as their skills of perception are still developing. "While an adult might dismiss something they see quickly out of the corner of their eye as "nothing," children might insist they saw a ghost or a fairy or some other creature," Dr. Angelosante explains. 


    If you have older children, they may be telling you about ghosts and monsters to get your attention. If this is the case, try not to ignore your children, but don’t dwell on it too much either. You can indulge in their "monster checks" while they're still young, but you need to remind them of reality when they grow older. 

    Do you believe in ghosts and do you have your own scary stories? Be a part of the Smart Parenting Village and share them there. What do you do when your children do something creepy? Share your stories with us at smartparentingsubmissions@gmail.com.

    What other parents are reading

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