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  • Then and now, the way we hope to raise our children remains mostly the same: We want the best for our kids, and we want them to grow up to be happy and successful. The big difference is parents need to contend with social media where unsolicited opinion -- and judgment -- on parenting abound.  

    No one knows that more than celebrity parents whose parenting styles are always in the spotlight. We always hear from celebrity moms so this time we're giving the spotlight to four celebrity dads who were recently featured in Esquire Philippines magazine. They have a lot to say when it comes to discipline, social media and quality time.      

    On disciplining kids
    "I think a good father is someone who knows how to love a child rightly. Because loving doesn’t always look good. Sometimes, loving looks awful." -- Hayden Kho, dad to Scarlet Snow Belo, 2


    "You can’t discipline your children if you don’t spend time with them. Once you start disciplining [without] spending time, it will cause rebellion. There’s no secret. Just spend time with them." -- Doug Kramer, dad to Kendra, 8; Scarlett, 6, and Gavin, 4 

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    On quality time with the kids
    "What I’ve been noticing is that some parents, because they’re very busy with so many things, they outsource raising their kids. They outsource it to nannies, to aunties, to schools, to social media, to YouTube. And I think that’s a fatal error." -- Hayden Kho

    "No matter how busy we can get, they still crave time. Love, for them, is spelled T-I-M-E. That’s their love language." --Doug Kramer

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    On how they want to raise their kids
    "As kids, we’re going to make them [be] kids. If you let them dive into [showbiz] right away, they won’t have enough time to be children." --Doug Kramer

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    "I want to see her helping people. I want to see how compassionate she is; I want to see how much she loves her family, I want to see how much she respects humanity, I want to see how she embraces her gift, regardless of what that is."--Dingdong Dantes

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    On parenting in a time where social media reigns
    "We see [social media] it more as a collective timeline, where years from now we can look back at memories and tell Zion all about it. It's also nice to inspire people, especially young parents like us to find time to travel with their kids and make great memories.

    "We don't overshare about Zion's daily life. He's only four years old, and he should be able to enjoy his privacy and grow properly."--Richard Gutierrez, dad to Zion, 4

    Click the links to see behind-the-scenes photos of Dingdong Dantes and Zia, Hayden Kho and Scarlet Snow, Doug Kramer and kids, and Richard Gutierrez and Zion. Read more about these celebrity fathers on the June 2017 issue of Esquire Philippines.


    What other parents are reading

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