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  • Hockey, Motorcross, Ballet, And More: See How Scarlet Snow, Kendra, Sotto Kids, Etc Get Active

    Fight the sedentary lifestyle by getting your child involved in any of these sports or dance the celeb's kids are into!
    by Ronna Capili Bonifacio .
Hockey, Motorcross, Ballet, And More: See How Scarlet Snow, Kendra, Sotto Kids, Etc Get Active
  • With kids spending most of their days in front of the screen for both education and recreation, getting them to move their bodies is high on the priority list for many parents. While malikot can be distracting to parents, physical movement is important in a child's developing body.

    Extra-curricular activities like sports and dance takes commitment from both parents and the child, but the advantages of introducing an activity they can grow to love will affect both their development and their adult life. 

    A number of celebrity parents have shared their kids' recent extra-curricular activities, especially since lockdown restrictions have lifted for younger kids. See if any of these could be your child's next passion.

    5 sports and extra-curricular activities for kids

    1. Hockey

    Dimples Romana and Boyet Ahmee’s second-born son Alonzo Romeo Jose is now a hockey player. A number of snaps and videos of his progress can be seen on both parents’ Instagram accounts, including learning to handle his hockey stick and shooting the puck. 


    An active life seems to be the norm in the Ahmee household. Boyet rides motorcycles and takes his two older kids along with him. Alonzo Romeo Jose also enjoys dancing.

    Kids as young as five-years-old can begin to learn hockey. Follow Federation of Ice Hockey League Inc. for more information @hockeyphilippines.official.

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    2. Football

    Just as lockdown restrictions eased up on children, Zion Gutierrez joined Arayat Football Club and mom Sarah Lahbati says “he trained nonstop, everyday with his team and his amazing coaches, rain or shine.”

    Zion has already begun to join tournaments and Sarah proudly shared his first big goal. The young athlete’s relatives excitedly replied to the vide of his goal: Mond Gutierrez said “SO PROUD OF HIM!!!” with three raised hands emoji while cousin Lorin Gutierrez said “SO PROUD OMG”.


    There are a number of football academies and programs available in the Philippines, including Kaya FC Academy, Futbol Funatics, and Sparta. Programs for kids as young as two to three-years-old are available.

    3. Motorcross

    Kristine Hermosa and Oyo Sotto’s kids have long been active kids, likely because of dad Oyo’s influence. Their kids Kiel, Dre, and Kaleb have competed in motocross alongside Oyo while mom Kristine cheered on, of course. Vin has also started on the dirt bike sport.


    The Sottos have taken their love for two wheels to try a similar hobby, cycling. Perhaps it’s a natural progression along with the sudden rise of public interest since the pandemic started. The family takes out their road bikes together–of course without baby Isaac who’s just about to turn one year old in August.

    Oyo and Kristine also take out their kids on trail runs together. What a fun way to bond as an entire family!
    Risk Racing, a North Carolina-based site, says kids as young as three years old can safely begin motocross “with an appropriately sized dirt bike and the proper safety equipment.”

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    4. Ballet

    This dance sport is a go-to extra-curricular activity for many Filipino families. Ballet Philippines has programs for kids as young as four years old while Ballet Manila - The Lisa Macuja School of Ballet and Halili-Cruz School of Ballet has programs for kids as young as three years old.


    Kendra Kramer continues her ballet training till today, while Anne Curtis and Erwan Heussaff’s toddler Dahlia has been seen on Instagram presumably undergoing baby ballet classes. 

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    For young kids like Dahlia, ballet training is not yet for training to become professional dancers. Rather it is “geared for developing motor skills and coordination, rhythm, and musicality” says Ballet Manila’s site.


    5. Modern Dance

    Scarlet Snow Belo and Patrick and Nikka Garcia’s daughters Michelle, Patrice, and Pia just recently performed in Sky Dance Avenue Manila’s Term Recital, Trending. A quick clip of Michelle dancing solo received a number of praises from the Garcia’s friends and family.

    Vicki and Hayden’s daughter on the other hand shared on her Instagram account that it was her first time to perform in front of “hundreds of parents and friends… I realized I like dancing in front of crowds, but only when I’m with Clara and Lacey (I get very nervous being on stage alone!)


    She adds, “The claps and the cheers of the crowd tell us that we did a good job!” Scarlet Snow calls it a “very memorable show”. It must truly be, especially for kids who have participated only in online events for the past two years.

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    How much physical activity and sedentary time is recommended

    Engaging in sports, dance, and other fitness activities provides a multitude of benefits for children. 
    It may require financial investment but the rewards, especially in this time when kids are growing up with the norm of screen and digital devices, may be well worth it.

    Benefits of sports in children

    A previous Smart Parenting article says benefits include: 

    • Lower risk for obesity
    • Increased self-esteem and confidence
    • Self-discipline and focus
    • Knows the value of hard work
    • Able to work in a team
    • Better able to relate with others 
    • Able to accept loss or defeat
    • Nurture leadership qualities
    • Manage stress better

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    Limiting kids’ sedentary lifestyle

    In April 2019, the World Health Organization (WHO) released Guidelines on physical activity, sedentary behavior, and sleep for children under 5 years of age which recommends the following:

    • At least 180 minutes or three hours of physical activity for kids aged three to four every day
    • 60 minutes or an hour of at least moderate to vigorous physical activity of the 180 minutes.
    • Only a maximum of 60 minutes of sedentary screen time per day, “no more than one hour; less is better.”

    The guideline says, "Young children should have opportunities to participate in a range of developmentally-appropriate, safe, enjoyable play-based physical activities." 

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    As for sedentary screen time, WHO says “when sedentary, engaging in reading and storytelling with a caregiver is encouraged.”

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