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  • 13 Noteworthy Celebrity Parenting Tips and Tricks of 2018

    It takes a village to raise a child, and these celebrity moms know it.
    by Rachel Perez .
13 Noteworthy Celebrity Parenting Tips and Tricks of 2018
  • Thanks to social media, we get more than just a glimpse of how celebrities are as moms and dads. And they are not different from you and me. They've doubted their parenting skills more than once, endured tantrums, and wondered when they would sleep again.

    The big difference from your parenting life? Netizens nitpick on their choices, and they get bombarded with crazy criticism not a lot of us get to experience (thank God for that). We have to applaud them though for putting themselves out there on the world wide web because a few of them gave a bit of sage advice to those who will listen. Here are a few noteworthy celebrity parenting tips that may work for you.

    Isabelle Daza on paying attention to her child

    Babies are like sponges because they absorb almost everything. They also take their cue from their moms. "With me and Baltazar, when I’m stressed, he’s irritable. When I’m calm, he’s calm. Whatever your energy is, they absorb," Isabelle said. The first-time mom is taking things one day at a time and being a former preschool teacher helps.


    Toni Gonzaga on dealing with tantrums

    This first-time mom showers her son Seve with positive affirmations. Toni tries her best to acknowledge her son's feelings, and she does not immediately label crying or throwing a fit as bad. She also takes time to explain to Seve why a specific behavior is a no-no. It's one of the most crucial steps in teaching kids to handle their emotions.

    Saab Magalona on tracking her baby's eating and sleeping patterns

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    Saab finds that pen-and-paper still works best in tracking her preemie son Pablo's feedings, nappy changes, and sleeping times. Her records help her to know if he's getting enough milk, and he's digesting it well. Tracking sleep and nap times can also help you to recognize sleep cues. Plus, Saab's records make it easy to share it to Pablo's pediatrician!

    Karen delos Reyes on baby's separation anxiety

    Moms often feel guilty when leaving their baby at home, even if it's just for a few hours of me-time – and it doesn't help when they cry! But instead of sneaking out, Karen makes it a point to talk to her son Gabriel and tell him she's just going to out for work, that she'll call to check up on him, and she'll definitely be back!

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    Divine Lee on helping babies sleep through the night


    To get more sleep (like longer than two to three hours), Divine Lee used an old trick in the parenting book: dream feeding. She would anticipate Baz's hunger cues in the wee hours of the night and feed him, and the full stomach can help him Baz sleep longer or even through the night. (This is where tracking a baby's eating and sleeping pattern can help.)

    Karen delos Reyes on babyproofing her home

    Ideally, you need to babyproof your home before the baby arrives or before your baby starts to crawl. Karen began babyproofing late, but it's better than not doing it at all. (By the way, she used an "andador" to help him practice walking!). Karen padded the wall, so Gabriel is free to play and explore safely!

    Hayden Kho Jr. on being his child's first teacher


    There's no harm in teaching toddlers about how the world works, as long as it is done with love, through play, and without the pressure to excel. Hayden shares how he's teaching daughter Scarlet Snow anatomy, a subject that some expressed was not age-appropriate. But then again Scarlet's parents are doctors, so who better instill the love to learn than Hayden and Vicki.

    Iya Villania on raising an eager (not picky!) eater

    To get Primo to become an "eager eater" and feed himself independently, mom Iya shared she observed what Primo likes to eat and served those to her tot first. Then when it came to letting him try new food, Primo was more likely to try it if he sees his mom eating it as well. Iya also got rid of possible distractions but gave him room to explore his taste buds and practice his motor skills as well.


    Paula Peralejo on embracing her toddler's defiance

    For Paula, her son Pablo saying no means her tot is starting to make decisions and discovering he has a voice, a mark of his growing independence. Paula doesn't go head-to-head with Pablo but instead embraces it and empowers him by giving him informed choices. It's a milestone and a regular part of childhood. That way, when Pablo says yes, it's even sweeter.

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    Kristine Hermosa on disciplining her kids


    The mom of four has always been thankful to God for helping her keep it together when it comes to raising her kids. When it comes to discipline, Kristine stresses that no technique will work unless it is enforced by both parents. She and Oyo make it a point to be on the same page when it comes to keeping their kids in line.

    Bettina Carlos on fostering obedience

    Bettina has set rules for her daughter, but what does she do to make sure she obeys the rules they have set? "For your rules to be effective, for your child to really obey and honor it with her heart, you have to have that relationship with your child. You can't have all the rules with no relationship," she said.

    Bettina on praising effort instead of perfection


    The single mom started homeschooling her daughter. She knows it's hard work, but the rewards are worth it. Bettina sees firsthand how Gummy learns about the world around her, satisfying her curiosity, developing different interests, and honing different skills. Learning is about effort and not about the pressure to be perfect.

    Judy Ann Santos on limiting screen time

    Judy Ann Santos has a fair rule on screen time, especially since her eldest daughter Yohan is at an age where gadget use seems to be the new norm. When school is out, her kids have a one-hour rule and are required at least finish one book before vacation ends. Give and take is their agreement, says this celebrity mom of three.

    Many celeb moms also shared their parenting essentials. Isabelle and Iya both spoke about hiring a night nurse as one of the best decisions they made. PaulaKylie Padilla, and Bianca Gonzalez-Intal shared their take on emotional topics such as mom guilt, reassuring fellow moms they are just what the child needs. Brothers Troy and KC Montero shared their stepparenting experience. Many celebrity moms also revealed what they learned from their own moms.


    Parenting is a continuous learning experience. And we're open and ready to learn more from fellow moms celebrity or otherwise!

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