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  • Mom Doesn't Want Valentine's Gifts, Dad Still Gives And His Reason Is A Tearjerker

    We're reminded that kids learn what we do more than what we say.
    by Riyalyn Grace Pasimio . Published Feb 15, 2023
Mom Doesn't Want Valentine's Gifts, Dad Still Gives And His Reason Is A Tearjerker
  • It’s that time of the year again--photos of flowers, chocolates and gifts are all over social media. It’s the love month, and for most moms, it’s okay not to receive anything on February 14 anymore. Honestly and seriously.

    One expensive bouquet of flowers is almost the same amount of groceries for about three to four days. Chocolates, for sure, will go to the little kids even if it's originally for Mom.

    And Moms, being smart parents, would sometimes prefer an additional budget for groceries for the whole family rather than fancy things that just goes to herself.

    What other parents are reading

    Mommy Hieds, an online creator with over 100,000 followers, shared a very touching story on Valentine’s Day.  She said:

    “Sabi ko sa Mister ko, 'Please lang wag na wag kang bibili ng bulaklak i-pera mo nalang at i-go-grocery ko. Oo siya ng  oo. Tapos kanina, ayan sinend sakin ng anak ko, may bitbit na pala silang mag-ama.Paliwanag ni Mister ko na medyo natamaan ako..

    In her Facebook post, she explained that she didn’t want to receive anything on Valentine’s Day, and if her husband wants to give her something, what she’d appreciate is extra cash for their groceries. 

    But her husband still gave her a bouquet of flowers, and a whole cake. 

    Mommy Hieds, content creator, didn't want Valentine's Day gifts and the reason her husband still gave her gifts made her change her views.

    Her husband set the bar high not just for fathers, but for all of us parents. He said, “Mommy, pagbigyan mo na ako, kahit ayaw mo, isipin mo para sa mga anak natin yan. Gusto kong makita nila na vinavalue kita. Mahal nga ang bulaklak, sayang, pero yung bigas kasi pwede ko yan bilhin anytime para sa atin. Pero yung mga memories at mga aral na tatatak sa mga anak natin, hindi yun mababawi.

    He adds, "Gusto kong pag laki nila may ilu-look back sila at ikekwento sa mga anak din nila. Gusto kong tumatak sa isipan nila na ganito dati si daddy kay mommy.. Gusto kong yung ginagawa ko para sayo, ganun din ang gawin nila sa asawa nila.. Gusto kong habang lumalaki sila alam nilang mag-value ng relationship kahit matagal na, hindi yung magpapakilig lang sila sa una..”

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    Mommy Hieds realized then that it was not just the simple giving of flowers and cake, but also an important moment for their kids. “And that hit me so hard. Yes, may point ang mister ko. Happy Valentines!” she ended her post. 

    The original post by Mommy Hieds, garnered 78,000 likes and 57,000 shares in less than 24 hours. 

    A good marriage is the best gift parents can give kids

    Mommy Hieds realized that how parents value each other shapes our children.

    Her husband’s simple gesture is not just for showing how much he values and loves her wife, but also an example of being a good role model to their kids. 

    Netizens commented and shared their thoughts about Mommy Hieds’ original post. Here’s a few comments agreeing with her husband's choice, “I like the thoughts.. It's true.. Memories are also an investment. It could be a great weapon as you walk in your journey. Likewise, a good paradigm to your children. Indeed, the feeling of being valued makes your existence fulfilled …”

    Another netizen shared that her husband is doing the same thing for her and their daughters, with a special lesson ‘not to settle for less’, “Si partner ko.. lage nya ko binibigyan ng something pag Valentines at flowers yung dalawa kong daughter.. para daw paglaki nila.. they won't settle for less daw.. kelangan ung i-va-value sila.”

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    These values that we want to impart to our kids--never settling for less, showing love and appreciation to someone they love, what to do in relationships--are best learned through modeling

    We can’t say to our kids, “You should do this”, and then show otherwise with our actions, and expect them to do it. 

    Another netizen pointed out an important aspect from Mommy Hieds’ post, “Yes, this is true, iba padin yung nararamdaman mo na may value ka kasi once a year lang yan, at iba din yung feelings na nakikita mo yung anak mo na happy sila sa nkikita nilang love para sa parents nila.”

    Our kids also need to see some ‘lovey dovey’ moments from their parents. Not the usual goodbye when going to work, or the regular ‘kumain ka na ba?’. Showing something special and romantic sometimes, even once a year, can add up to their core memory, and help them be sure that “Daddy loves Mommy,” or vice versa. 


    What will you do today to be a good role model to your children today?


    What other parents are reading

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