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  • 1. Dad gives advice to other dads: be her dream husband!

    A fact of life: a new baby will suck the sleep from your life. Every new parent has been jolted into this reality especially moms. Which is why one dad is getting a lot of love online for urging other partners to be the “dream husbands” of their wives!

    The unnamed father posted a photo on Imgur showing him, his newborn and his wife in bed at home. Snuggled up together, his wife is happily slumbering away next to him. The photo is touching and adorable on its own (we're digging the skin-to-skin kangaroo care going on in the picture!), but the caption takes home the prize. 

    He starts with, “After winning a battle with testicular cancer last year we finally got our firstborn son.” Then, dad drops this “pro tip” for dads everywhere, “Real men take care of their baby while mommy takes as many naps as she needs,” he writes. “She's been through an ordeal! Suck it up guys and be her dream husband!” Take note, dads. (Source: Refinery29)

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    2. Grampa and grandson twin up!

    According to The Huffington Post, after Bob Graham saw his daughter, Mary Beth, making monthly milestone shirts for his grandson, he wanted in on the action too. 

    “My dad has said to me for some time that he wanted a matching one for his birthday, so he and Luke could take a picture,” Mary Beth told the news site. So, for his 57th birthday, Mary Beth made him one to match! Lucas’ shirt says “9 months,” and Bob’s shirt says “684 months.” Aww. The icing on top of the cake? They both look so gosh darn happy about their matchy outfits too. (Source: The Huffington Post)

    3. Little boy asks to visit his brother to tell him about the first day of school

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    EEven if they've never met, 9-year-old Walker Myrick shares a close bond with his twin brother, Willis, who died while still in the womb due to a rare condition called twin-to-twin transfusion syndrome (it can occur in pregnancies when identical twins share a placenta). 

    Mom Brook Myrick tells Mirror that Walker often visits his brother to share a few quiet moments together. Brook shares that, on Walker's first day of school (he was only 5 years old then), he asked her if they could visit his sibling. They did, and next she found him sitting next to Willis' grave and talking to him. “Walker told us he wanted to tell Willis about starting school,” she said. The photo above was taken on that day. 

    Here he is now still making regular trips to visit his twin.


    You're a wonderful brother, Walker. (Source: Mirror)

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