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  • Desiree Chua-Ong of Beauty Blends

    A mix of world-class products and worthy goals, with a generous helping of hard work and creativity, helps this mompreneur succeed.
    by Julian Vorpal .
  • Nail Advocacy


    Beauty Blends’ commitment to quality doesn’t just extend to its products – it also has an educational arm as part of its advocacy to provide livelihood to women. “We train our nail technicians to be really good at what they do,” admits Desiree. “We teach our people the finer aspects of the business, culminating in the ability to mold and shape artificial nails from scratch.”


    Hygiene and sanitation are also integral parts of the curriculum. “Your average manicurista will use a single nail pusher for both your hands and feet,” she illustrates. “That’s really gross. We have ergonomically-designed pushers specifically designed for the hands and for your feet that aren’t supposed to be interchanged.” The proper use of various tools is given emphasis. “We use buffing blocks for nails instead of just scraping the nail with a cuticle remover and baring the surface of the nail plate. That kind of practice can damage your nails.” With proper hygiene comes a deeper understanding of health care in relation to nail treatments. “One way of rating the skill of a manicurista is by her ability to do her job without the customer feeling pain. We teach our people how to be careful yet very effective still.”  

    The training programs Beauty Blends offers are quite exhaustive, with 25-50 hour basic courses and an additional 45 hours more for their advanced courses. Basic and advanced nail art techniques, nail spa and salon management, Eco Soak Off Gel system training, fiber gel system training and acrylic nail application are just a few of the subjects in their workshops. Within each course is an across-the-board curriculum focusing on the fine aspects of the subject – for instance, the Cina Pro Nail Art course includes Nail Art Techniques, Flat Polish Designs, Rhinestone Designs, Nail Decal and Glitter Application.  The Nail Art techniques training enables the students to create amazingly detailed and intricate designs - rose petals, lavish carnations, leaping dolphins, swirls and whirls, multicolored costume stone patterns and fanciful starfish, both elevated and flat, just to name a few.   

    These certificate courses are handled by Jacqueline Yeung, a multi-awarded, internationally-trained expert on the subject of nail technology. “We want to impart the value of professionalism to our students,” reveals Desiree, “that’s why our training programs have to be as comprehensive as possible. We want our people to be world-class nail technicians who can operate in any salon or spa in the world and handle any client, keeping in mind the norms and practices of different countries. That’s why we teach our people to adhere to international standards of hygiene, sanitation, technique and excellence.”

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    Ultimately, Desiree wants her people to flourish and succeed. “We teach our students to eventually become teachers themselves, that they may impart all the values they gain while they’re with us.”
    Beauty Blends is located at the ground floor of the Manhattan Bldg., 920 Banawe St., Brgy. Manresa, Quezon City, Philippines. For more information, call (632) 363-6736 or check out their website at http://www.beautyblends.com.ph.

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