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  • The sweltering heat of the sun seems to be at its best lately. Summer is definitely here. Unfortunately for our little diaper-wearing tots, the heat sometimes becomes unbearable. The heat cranked up to an almost fever-like intensity, along with a diaper (whether disposable or re-usable), and layers of clothing, all contribute to heat rash or diaper rash.
    Heat Rash Prevention Measures
    It definitely helps to change diapers as often as reasonably possible.  Washing with soap and water after every diaper change can minimize the occurrence of a diaper rash. However, sometimes our poor little ones suffer the pain and discomfort of a heat rash no matter how much we try to prevent it with these measures. 
    Caught Just in Time
    My daughter just recently suffered from heat rash. Well, almost. I caught it just in time. I did the precautions: light and cool clothing, changing nappies often, washing and drying at every nappy change, using only diapers with cloth-like material. But the heat was just too much.  Once I saw the redness I immediately applied Desitin Cream on the affected areas. Good thing it did not progress any further.  I’m glad because a diaper rash can be quite uncomfortable and even painful to a child.
    Additional Advantages
    Desitin cream has a good scent, not too strong, and not unpleasant like the others I’ve tried in the market.  I like that it has Aloe and Vitamin E making it friendly to a baby’s skin.  I still apply this cream on her diaper area once in a while as a preventative measure, like if the day promises to be extra hot or if we go out and won’t be able to change diapers as often as I’d like. 
    Found at a pharmacy near you.

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