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  • Dimples Romana Says She's A Chill Mom, But ‘Both Kids Know I Do Not Like To Repeat Myself’

    She talks about her parenting style and her favorite ways to spend time with her kids.
    by Kitty Elicay .
Dimples Romana Says She's A Chill Mom, But ‘Both Kids Know I Do Not Like To Repeat Myself’
PHOTO BY Instagram/dimplesromana
  • This generation’s modern parents strive to find the right parenting style that would suit their personalities and their children’s. Many want to be authoritative parents — teach and guide their kids but also listen to and value their opinions — while still being warm and approachable like a friend.

    For celebrity mom Dimples Romana, her parenting style is all about being “collaborative with a touch of roar.” The actress calls herself a “pretty cool, chill mom,” but she can also roar like a tiger when the situation calls for it.

    Dimples, who is a mom to two kids with a huge age gap — daughter Callie is 17 while son Alonzo is 6 years old — says raising children with distinct personalities who are both unafraid to speak their minds not only makes her life as a mom interesting but “also unpredictable and full of surprises.”

    It’s a good thing that her kids are not too makulit. “They’re actually great listeners and relatively behaved with or without reminding and I’m proud of that,” she tells SmartParenting.com.ph. “I rarely get upset and mad but when I do I make sure to look into their eyes and speak to them in the language that they’ll absorb my discipline — the most tough but sensible approach.”

    Dimples Romana with her kids, Callie, 17, and Alonzo, 6.
    PHOTO BY Instagram/dimplesromana

    What helps is establishing a routine and a set of rules that they can easily follow. “I go by very simple, basic rules at home that include having respect for each other, kindness, and compassion. I don’t easily get upset but when I do, I feel like that would be because these rules aforementioned are not practiced,” Dimples shares.

    “Both kids know I do not like to repeat myself. So, it usually just takes once or at the most, twice, for me to say what needs to be said in order for them to remember to always have good manners,” she says.

    “We do not tolerate nor condone being ill-mannered at home. I always tell them that it’s a sign of respect when you conduct yourself accordingly around everyone — be it family or other people. We explain to them that there’s a proper time for everything. There’s a time for lots of play and kulitan but there are also times when you have to behave,” the mom adds.

    Dimples acknowledges that since her kids are still growing and developing their personalities, making mistakes are inevitable. “We make lots of room for making mistakes at home for I feel it’s the best place to make it,” she says.

    Creating a strong bond during mealtimes

    Dimples Romana with husband Boyet Ahmee and their kids.
    PHOTO BY Instagram/dimplesromana
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    Even if the kids have a wide age gap, it’s clear that their family has forged a good relationship. Dimples credits it to making good conversations with each other, starting from the moment they wake up — “I encourage them to express how they feel… If they had dreams and what they remember about it” — and especially during mealtimes.

    “We begin by opening the floor to casual conversations, we speak to each other during mealtimes, during cuddle time and right before we decide which activities they’d like to do,” Dimples shares.

    Callie and Alonzo also bond over food. “As for Ate when it’s her turn to pick the bonding activity we always end up in the kitchen. Maybe this is also why Alonzo has grown to love being in the kitchen as well — to eat and to make food.

    “Callie enjoys cooking and baking and feeding us, it really is the best bonding we do when there is the time for all four of us (with husband Boyet Ahmee) to be together,” the mom says.

    One of their favorite snacks are sandwiches, and Dimples already has tried-and-tested hacks to make the kids more magana when it comes to eating.

    “Use cookie cutters — they’re a great way to make fun shapes, and we make animal sounds while we put palaman like Lady’s Choice on our bread,” she shares.

    “You can also make a sandwich bar! Play pretend sandwich store owner or chef and you could be their customer or vice versa. Put items like ham, lettuce, bacon and other stuff that they can pretend to buy using hugs and kisses for payments,” Dimples adds.


    If your children are starting to become choosy about what they eat, Dimples shares a simple but “surprisingly effective” tip: Eat with them.

    She says, “Don’t we all love to eat more when we are with family? When we all eat together, as we are eating, we are also making memories with our kids that will serve as their baon when they are older. My two kids prove to be more magana whenever we are complete at the dining table.”

    Dimples Romana and her husband Boyet Ahmee have been investing in real estate properties since they got married. Click here for their tips on money management.

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