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    For a new mom and dad, no sound could ever be as sweet as their newborn baby’s cry. From their very first moment in this world and all throughout their infancy, crying is our baby’s only way of communicating with us. Babies cry when they’re hungry. They cry when they are in pain.  They cry when they’re sleepy or tired, uncomfortable, when they need their nappies changed, or when they are scared. Before a child learns how to speak clearly, crying becomes his only way of expressing.  

    According to studies, it is normal for children, especially toddlers ages 1 to 3 years old to cry to express themselves and get their needs addressed. During a baby’s first months, giving in to the baby’s needs when it cries isn’t actually spoiling it. But we should also know that as they grow, children will try to use crying to get their way. However, we parents can help our kids learn early on how to express themselves without resorting to crying.

    John Doringo, an Architect and a 38-year-old father to two boys (John Alfred Miguel, 7 and Jaden Jorn Thomas, 4) shares that, “I easily gave in to my sons' demands when they cried, especially during their toddler years. Through the years though, I realized that I need to draw a line.”

    It’s never easy, and John would sometimes find himself in situations where he would be pressured to give in “especially when they start to create a scene (in public) or show some kind of embarrassing behavior”. During these instances, John would try to apply a more diplomatic approach like taking the kids to a corner and try to explain to them in a nice way why they can't have what they want.


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