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  • Experts Say This Is How You Raise Kind-Hearted Kids

    Because you don't want them to grow up selfish and entitled.
Experts Say This Is How You Raise Kind-Hearted Kids
  • In a society that has become incredibly materialistic, how do you raise a generous and kind-hearted child? Sometimes, it can be easier to give your little ones everything they need, but giving in too much to what they want, when they want it, might just make them entitled. 

    When your kids feel entitled, they would always believe they deserve special treatment. So before they become accustomed to several privileges, here are a couple of simple ways to help them appreciate simplicity and learn how to share what they have with others.


    Read books about giving and sharing.

    Get reading materials that tell stories about being kind and generous. Model it at home, too. Don't forget to use words like please, thank you, and welcome whenever possible. Share your snacks with your kids when you have some, and remember to encourage them to share their food with their friends and siblings.

    Avoid disrespectful language, which your kids might pick up even when you think they're not listening.


    Don't shelter them from the reality of the world.

    This will open your kids up to reality that not all kids have the same amount of toys and clothes that they have. Some don't even have access to clean water and basic medicine. The more your kids know about the real world, the more they will be grateful for the things they have.


    Give them a sense of the bigger world.

    Volunteering for a meaningful cause will expose your kids to situations where they would be able to practice humility, kindness, and empathy.

    You can introduce your kids to goodwill activities like Knorr's #ShareTheMeal campaign. For every share of Knorr's specially created World Food Day post, Knorr will donate a meal for a person in need.

    There are about five million Filipino children coming from poor families who cannot afford to eat three times a day, leading to vitamin and mineral deficiencies. We are sharing more food virtually than ever before, while millions still go without real food. Read the mechanics of the online campaign below so you can see how you can join.

    1. Using Facebook, share the post created by Knorr, and Knorr will turn that share into a donation to the World Food Programme.

    2. Download the World Food Programme's ShareTheMeal app, and use it to take a photo of your food. Choose the amount you want to donate, and using the #ShareTheMeal filter, share the pictures on your social media channels. Donations start at P25 each.

    Don't let your kids grow up entitled, selfish, and indifferent. Correct their behavior as early as possible. Also, don't forget to be a good example. At the end of the day, your kids emulate what you show them. Be generous and kind, too. Your child will eventually follow suit.


This article was created by Summit Storylabs in partnership with Knorr.