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  • How To Explain To Your Kids The Importance Of Staying At Home

    This is a conversation you need to have with your child.
How To Explain To Your Kids The Importance Of Staying At Home
  • With more time spent indoors, kids may be feeling bored and uneasy these days. They’re itching to go play outside even if it’s against the rules.

    While their sentiments are understandable, these uncertain times call for discipline from everyone. And it’s your task to explain to your kids why staying at home is the right thing to do. They won’t be able to grasp the whole situation right away, so be sure to have the patience to give them the reassurance they need. Here’s how:

    1. Make yourself available.

    Let your kids know that they can come to you if they feel like asking questions about what's happening. Be prepared to answer them by doing research online. Stay updated with the news, and make sure you’re getting information from reliable sources such as the World Health Organization.

    2. Keep the conversation simple and clear.

    Before sharing facts with your kids, consider their age and learning level so you can effectively communicate with them. Use words and examples they can easily understand, such as using their favorite movie or cartoon characters to paint them a picture.

    Be realistic in explaining what is going on, but make sure you relay facts in a way that won’t leave the kids feeling stressed or confused.

    3. Reassure your child home is the safest place to be.

    This is the goal of your conversation. Remind your kids that staying at home helps lessen the chances of getting sick. It’s a safe space where they can still learn, play, and even make a mess.

    Show you’re doing your best to keep the house clean and safe for them. Set an example when you do daily chores using trusted homecare products like Domex to help sanitize parts of the house. Effective laundry detergents like Surf and Breeze are also available so your kids won’t have to feel bad about getting stains on their clothes due to much-needed fun and play at home.

    Of course, you can also encourage them to be responsible at home by letting them pack up their toys and wash their hands when it’s time to call it a day.

    4. Make kids feel like they’re doing a good job!

    It’s been weeks already, and you should acknowledge how your kids are doing a good job just by staying at home. They not only help flatten the curve; they also help lighten the load of our frontliners who are busy saving lives outside.

    Kids would feel more seen and appreciated for their efforts to stay at home. The mere fact you’re recognizing their accomplishment can motivate them to remain within the comforts of home until the quarantine is lifted.

    5. Prepare for your child's follow-up questions.

    Your kids may still want to clarify a few things from time to time. Have the patience to entertain their questions. They rely on you for guidance, stability, and reassurance. Remind them that the situation will pass, but in the meantime, it’s better to stay indoors together!

    There is no place like home to make our kids feel comfy and safe! Make it a habit to disinfect using products like Domex, Breeze, and Surf to help ease your family’s worries about staying home.

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