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  • First-Time Mom Iya Villania Shares Quick Tips on Taking Care of Baby on the Go

    We followed her and Baby Primo around while they shot a digital video.
First-Time Mom Iya Villania Shares Quick Tips on Taking Care of Baby on the Go
  • TV host and new mom Iya Villana has always been very active even before she became a mom, so it's not a surprise that she's still very much on the go after giving birth to Baby Primo.

    Iya brings Primo with her to work whenever she has to work long hours on the set. In the process, she has mastered the art of packing Primo's baby bag. Want to know what they bring with them whenever they leave the house? Watch the video:

    Apart from making sure your baby has everything he needs, such as bibs, antibacterial wipes, cleaning towels, and Bambini Baby Cologne, Iya also offers these helpful tips when you take your little one out with you:

    Always be prepared.

    You'll never know what can happen when you are out with your child. Bring at least two sets of clothes, a first-aid kit, and a changing mat.

    Bring things that will keep your baby busy.

    Know your baby well. Is he fussy? Quiet? Inquisitive? Shy? Bring things that you know he likes, such as a board book, a teething toy, and a plushie.

    Prep him a day before your day out.

    Iya suggests not bringing your baby out when he's not in the mood. But if he really needs to go out with you, she recommends preparing your child the day before. Make sure your baby gets a good night's sleep so he'll wake up happy and ready for a day out.

    It all boils down to how well you prepare before leaving your home. And if something unexpected comes up, just keep your cool and go through it with positivity and an open mind.

    What's in your baby's bag? Share everything here.

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