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Georgina Wilson Is Not A Hands-On Parent, 'I've Always Valued Independence For Them'
  • Georgina Wilson, entrepreneur, model, and mom of three young kids has a different way of looking at common parenting topics from making mistakes, to being a hands-on parent, to the sacrificial mom ideal. But the way she’s reframed them is worth thinking about. 

    “I’ve always valued independence for them,” she said during at an interview at a Promil press conference on January 26, 2023. She says her eldest son Archie who’s now six years old has already traveled by plane by himself. “Archie flies by himself. He’s very sanay to do things. I always challenge him, ‘Can you do this by yourself already?’ 

    She adds, “So I wouldn’t say I’m hands-on because I want them to figure it out by themselves. But I put them in scenarios and situations that I think will help them grow. 

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    Another thing Georgina does to help her three kids grow and learn is to “expose them to everything. I think it’s really cool to expose them. That’s a huge belief of mine. Bahala na what they like or don’t. 

    Parents as role models 


    Georgina says she doesn’t have to look far for her role models in parenting her kids, her mom and dad taught her a number of lessons she hopes her kids pick up from her such as the love of learning and the value of hard work. 

    “Ever since we were young, until the last day it was always how fun it was to learn, Georgina said. “Learning with your children is also a really special gift and activity to do. I hope that my children get from me that learning is exciting and it’s not just when you’re in school, it’s life, it’s everything, it’s continuous. 

    Georgina and husband Arthur Burnand both work and she says she hopes they are modeling the value of hard work to their kids.  

    “I think it’s important to show the children a healthy marriage, a healthy mother, a healthy father. One that pursues their passion, one that doesn’t lose themselves as a parent, she said.  

    “I’m not into this whole sacrificial mother thing,” Georgina said. “I’m all about self-love. I have not scrimped on myself... and gosh I do everything I like. I even travel alone, without them. I still have the life I want to lead.  

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    She adds, “I think each parent has their own. I think it’s really important not to lose themselves. Because you want to show as strong example of a well-balanced life. 

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    From ‘Party Girls’ to ‘Momshies’ 

    So how exactly does she lead this well-balanced life? “Efficient time management” she confidently said. Everything in her day is strictly scheduled, including rest. But she is the first to admit that it’s a lot and it’s not easy. “I’m tired at night!” 

    From painting the town red with her fellow ‘It girls’ friends to exchanging numbers for kids’ coaches and asking recommendations for the best car seats, Georgina celebrates evolving with her friends. But she says they haven’t really changed--”I think it’s less change and more evolved. We still do the same things but there’s just additional things now,” she said. 

    The one thing that changed might be the chat group’s name: from ‘Party Girls’ to ‘Momshies’. What an absolutely relatable moment for moms! 

    Here's how Georgina Wilson and cousin Isabelle Daza deal with picky eaters.

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