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You Are Strong: Girl Dad Pens Sweet Letter To His Three Daughters
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    Hubert Yap, 43, took time amid his busy schedule as a co-founder of a start-up, to write to his three daughters: Louise, 11; Gabby, 9; and Addie, 2. He writes that he prayed to have daughters, despite the norm and challenges of his wife’s health. 

    He beams with pride at how much they have grown strong-willed and kind even amid a global pandemic.

    In his letter, he also shares his fears and doubts because there is still indifference and gender inequality. Hubert continues to have faith that with whatever he and his wife instilled in their three daughters, they can overcome. 

    Read his letter below, and share this to other girl dads you know.

    To my dearest beautiful daughters,

    I really prayed to have daughters.

    My tres marias, our three miracles, how time flies!

    I am remembering the day when I first got to hold each one of you in my arms for the first time. Those chinky, twinkling eyes, and small fragile hands trying to grip into mine. 

    They were just magical and precious. God really answered my prayers, I really prayed for daughters. Not a typical Chinese right? Because I want to be your Mom’s only man, haha! 

    Kidding aside, you already know your Mom’s condition. She was diagnosed with having a didelphys uterus, which is known to cause a lower chance of newborn survival. But God blessed us with not just one, but three beautiful and strong daughters. 


    My daughter, you can be a leader.

    See, you are really a fighter since you were in your Mama’s tummy. That explains your names, Louise–“famous warrior;” Gabrielle–“ God is my strength;” and Audrielle–“noble strength.”

    To my first born, Louise, you’ve grown into such a responsible, talented, and a very kind Achi. I am being sentimental that you‘re graduating Primary School soon. 

    PHOTO courtesy of ANNE YAP

    I remember, during your toddler days, you would always remind our visitors about our house rules ("Please remove your shoes," “turn off the lights after use”). Thank God you have done that in your own cutest way, or else we will never have visitors again.

    Now, look at you! You used to be so shy during your early days at school, but now, you have come out of your shell. I am so proud of you every time you tell us that you are chosen again to be one of your class leaders.

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    My daughter, you are smart and mature

    To my Dichi, Gabby, our independent and mature daughter. You always amaze us with your positivity in life. I hope and pray that you continue to be like that forever. 

    You are so smart and mature that even your teachers ask, "Is she 30 years old already?"

    I am so proud of how you deal with difficulties in life gracefully. I remember, when I called your attention for a not-so-nice behavior, you were three years old then. You answered, “Papa you did not tell me, so I didn't know that it’s not nice.” 


    That’s when I realized that we, parents, are always a “work in progress.” It’s amazing how you deal with our sermons and discipline. You accept them wholeheartedly, do some other stuff, and move on. 

    My daughter, you make our hardships easy

    To my Shobe, Addie, our sweetest baby. We thank the Lord for giving you to us six months before the pandemic. You are our source of daily cuteness, happiness, and sweetness in our quarantine life. 


    I can’t imagine this pandemic without you. You made this hardship so easy for us. I look forward to the days when we can explore the world together when the pandemic ends.


    My tres marias, we are also blessed every time people compliment you as kind-hearted, respectful, and independent kids. EQ before IQ, as what your mom always tells you. 

    Believe that you have the right to live your life without any discriminations.

    During this time of uncertainty, I sometimes fear for your future. The world and technology evolved tremendously but it still suffers from gender inequality

    But looking at you now, how you deal with the pandemic, I feel relieved and realize I just forgot that all of you are born fighters. We have your Mom as my partner, raising you and helping you deal with life’s challenges. 

    Failure is inevitable, but it will make you stronger. Just don’t forget that no matter what happens, we are just here. Believe in yourself, believe that you have the right to live your life without any discriminations. 


    Remember, God is great! Always! Life is a journey, no matter where it leads you, just enjoy the moment. 

    Here’s to the strong women in my life –may you live up to your name!

    With so much love,
    Papa Hubert

    Hubert Yap is the Platform Head and Co-founder of packworks, a start-up that empowers sari-sari store owners, particularly mothers in the Philippines through scalable and accessible technology. 

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