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  • Hand-Me-Down Baby Essentials Doesn't Make You Less of a Mom

    They're not only cheaper, but it helps a little bit in saving the world we'll leave to our babies.
    by Esper Abrajano-Bitare .
Hand-Me-Down Baby Essentials Doesn't Make You Less of a Mom
  • When I got pregnant with my first child, a son in 2011, I received a lot of pre-loved baby clothes, milk bottles, baby shoes, and cribs from relatives. I was thankful, of course. 

    Still, at the back of my mind, I was really hoping my baby’s stuff will all be brand new. But I’d have to do with hand-me-downs because my husband and I were still students back then. We didn’t have much money to buy a lot of new baby essentials.

    I remember my mom and husband telling me that I shouldn’t worry about buying new clothes for my child because babies grow so fast! They said the baby will only wear them for a short while, and next thing you know, he’s already outgrown his clothes. 

    I didn’t believe them. I never understood it back then. I thought, “Doesn’t my baby deserve the best? How could you consider pre-loved items ‘the best’ if they were already used by someone else?

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    Fast-forward to seven years later, I gave birth to my second child, a daughter, in 2018. I view hand-me-downs in a different light now. I am now into buying and selling pre-loved baby clothes. I rarely buy new essentials for my daughter. Almost everything she uses is pre-loved or given to her as gifts. 

    As the years passed, I became more thrifty and more practical. I guess it’s true that experience is the best teacher. You’ll never know until it happens to you. My son only wore his newborn clothes for weeks. I learned how quick time passed.


    I also realized how everything contributes to the world’s colossal waste disposal problem. We’re dumping a lot of non-biodegradable waste in landfills and even oceans. This, in turn, contributes to global warming, which will soon leave humankind running out of resources.

    If everyone would be more open and accepting of buying and selling pre-loved items, manufacturing companies wouldn’t have to worry about depleted resources for production. The demand for new clothes, shoes will, hopefully, be less, and they wouldn’t need to produce more. They can focus on improving the quality of their products instead.

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    I’ve come to realize that buying pre-loved items, be it for myself or my kids, doesn’t make me less of a mother. It doesn’t mean that I love my kids less or that I didn’t provide the best for them. 

    It’s a more sustainable option for the world my kids will live in after I’m gone. And I love that buying and selling pre-loved items actually encourages me to declutter and live minimally. At the same time, I’m helping add to my family’s savings.

    There’s nothing wrong with buying brand new stuff for your child. Sure, if you have the money, then go for it. But it’s not the end of the world if you don’t buy your child everything new or can’t due to budget restraints. There are many great-quality pre-loved items out there waiting for a second or third owner. 

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