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  • Helene Sonza of Baby Chic Boutique: Cloth Diapers Make Happy Mommies

    Helene Sonza's newly-opened online store has been extremely busy and blessed after only a year. Read on and be inspired by her mompreneur story.
    by Tina Santiago-Rodriguez .
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    Baby Chic Boutique: What Makes It “Click”
    Although there are many other mompreneur-owned online businesses out there, Helen believes that her business is unique because “I give my personal attention to each and every one of my customers. They know that they can always come to me when they have questions and concerns about the products I offer.”

    “I love knowing that I have regular customers who buy from my store regularly, and some of them are people I've come to consider my friends as well,” she adds. “Also, I think what makes Baby Chic Boutique unique is that I'm constantly trying to improve the items I sell and develop new items for the shop.”

    For example, Helene has developed her own brand of cloth diapers, which are different from the typical cloth diapers we see in the market today.

    “With the Baby Chic Cover and Stay Dry Bamboo Trifolds, you can reuse the cover and simply replace the insert — unlike most of the cloth diapers available in the market, where you have to change the whole thing once the diaper is soaked,” she excitedly shares.

    Helene adds: “I always try and use the items first on my baby before offering them in my shop. I truly believe in all the items that I sell.”

    “My toddler has been using cloth diapers since she was a month old (that was the time I discovered them), and I'm just loving it! This is the main reason why I want to spread the love of cloth to everyone, because it's truly a wonderful investment, great for the environment, and best for your baby,” she continues.

    When selecting products for her business, Helene says her first question is, "Would I let my baby use this?" That's the main factor in helping her choose new products and items to offer. “I truly stand behind the products that I sell 100%,” she proudly says.

    On balancing work, business and home life
    Admittedly, Helene says finding balance amidst all that she has to do can be a challenge. “I try to always maintain set time schedules, which I devote to the business, to the kids and to managing the household,” she shares.“ My kids, Mari and Haley, are my priority, however, so it's nice that I can always leave my computer (where I do most of the online transactions) and focus my attention on them.”

    The rewards of being a mompreneur
    Helene says that while she hasn't gotten an ROI (return on investment) yet, she’s surprised to find herself enjoying the business.

    “I never thought I had it in me to become an entrepreneur. I love interacting with customers, I enjoy answering their questions, and I just adore it when a customer comes back to me raving about the items he or she bought from my store. It's really fulfilling,” Helene says. “And I enjoy developing new items... it's fun! I consider the business an investment, and since it's still pretty new, I'm very hopeful about it.”

    Tips for aspiring mompreneurs
    To end, Helene shares the following tips for those who hope to launch their own businesses:
    “First of all, it's important that you're passionate about the business and the idea behind it. If you're selling products that you don't really believe in, then how can you convince others to buy them? Without passion, all of your sales pitches will just fall flat. And it's really important that you test the items first so that you can answer people's questions about them and provide them with all the information they need.

    “Second, remember that a business is an investment. It's not a “get rich quick” scheme. You need to invest in it, work hard, and in time you will be financially rewarded. As long as you believe in your business and the items you offer, you can truly be successful.”

    To find out more about Baby Chic Boutique, email babychicphils@gmail.com or text 09329787278. You can also find them on Facebook and Multiply.


    To see some of Baby Chic Boutique's products, click 'View Gallery'.

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