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  • No Favoritism: How Doug and Chesca Show Their Kids They Are All Equally Special

    #TeamKramer talks sibling love and their secrets to a successful marriage
    by Allan Olga .
No Favoritism: How Doug and Chesca Show Their Kids They Are All Equally Special
PHOTO BY @chekakramer/Instagram
  • With three young kids, celebrity couple Doug Kramer and Chesca Garcia-Kramer make it a point that none of their three kids—Kendra, 8; Scarlett, 5; and Gavin, 4—is made to feel less loved over the others. Young kids are sensitive, and therefore, should be properly guided and constantly given assurance.

    Doug makes it a point that he spends quality time with all his kids and each is made to feel special. “All of our kids sleep beside us. I take out my kids on dates,” explained the doting father at their launch as the endorsers of Hapee toothpaste products last October 24. 

    “In fact, I’m due for a date with my little boy, a game date,” he said, referring to his youngest, Gavin. 

    “That’s part of how we want to bring up our kids. We wanna show them, each one of them is special,” he explained.

    Chesca added that it is not just her and Doug who are careful about this issue, but also other adults in the house. Case in point, the 37-year-old celebrity mom has instructed their house helpers to treat each of her kids equally. 

    “Even in our house, we’ve already spoken to our kasambahays to tell them never to mention that one is more than the other. We don’t want to put those things on their heads. And in our family, so far naman, walang ganon and we’re happy and should stay that way.” 

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    Setting good examples
    The couple admitted that they are very mindful about setting a good example, not only because their fans look up to them, but more importantly, because they want their kids to see them as good role models, too. 


    Asked how they discipline their three kids, Doug replied, “Spending time [with them]. You can’t discipline your kids without spending time with them.” 

    He then pointed out that spending time with kids makes for better communication. “I discipline them privately, I talk to them.” After the disciplining part, he reassures his kids how much he loves them. “After all the disciplining, it’s all reconciliation, and love, and assurance that I love them and that they shouldn’t do the same mistakes again,” he explained. 

    Meanwhile, Chesca pointed out that patience goes hand in hand in child-discipline. “Constant reminder. They’re children. You can’t expect them to get it right away,” she said. “We’ve all been kids at one point, di ba? And our parents constantly would remind us. So [it's] really putting patience there and being consistent.

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    “And while being consistent, you should also show them you’re modelling it as well, di ba? You can’t tell your children one thing [while] you’re doing the other. So be consistent.” 

    Chesca also related how she and Doug work together in disciplining their three kids. “I’m the constant reminder, everyday, but he’s the one who sets his foot down and says when it’s time to discipline them,” she explained.

    Secret to a successful marriage
    Doug and Chesca have been married for almost a decade, and while they admit that their relationship is not perfect, they’re happy about their marriage.

    “May arguments. Lahat naman ng mag-asawa,” said Chesca. “Kung magkaibigan nga may arguments, ano pa kaya mag-asawa?” 

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    Doug interjected, “We’ve been together since 2003, married since 2008, and no matter what disagreements we have, literally, at the end of the day, we should have resolved it. 

    “We don’t ever want a gap—a day or two days—[that] we don’t talk. Hindi uso sa amin ‘yon. We resolve it, we apologize, who[ever] needs to apologize.” 

    This last statement by Doug is supported by his wife. Chesca continued, “The apologizing, we mean it. In fact, when Doug and I talked about issues [like] maybe I get sensitive over something [or] did not address whatever he was telling me, we really tell whatever it is what we feel. And then, we apologize [to] each other. We really reconcile.” 

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