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Kristine Hermosa On Raising 5 Children With Oyo Sotto: 'Kahit Pilitin Ko Na Wife Ako Muna, Hindi Ko Magagawa'

The celebrity mom says when it comes to raising 5 kids, it's all about embracing the role.
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At least one family coach has argued that kids should not be the most important members of the family and that parents must put their marriage first. But while this could be the ideal setup, Kristine Hermosa says this would just not work given her reality of raising five kids.

Talking on the Youtube channel of the talk show host, Boy Abunda, the celebrity mom got honest and candid about motherhood. She also opened up about how she and her husband, Oyo Sotto, discipline their children.

Kristine and Oyo are blessed with a big family. They are parents to five kids—Kiel, Ondrea, Kaleb, Vin, and their youngest, Vittorio, born last August 2021.

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Kristine Is A Mom First Before A Wife

Being a mom and of five children at that, Kristine admits that the role could be a handful. So how does she manage? She says it's all about embracing the role.

"Maraming challenges... Pero 'pagka alam mo kasi na'yun 'yung gusto mo, 'pag mahal mo 'yung ginagawa mo, which I love being a mom, and a wife, nagiging madali. Ganon talaga kapag nandodoon 'yung puso mo," the 38-year-old mom shared.

When asked if she's a daughter, a wife, or a mother first, Kristine quickly answered: "Kahit pilitin ko na wife ako muna, hindi ko magagawa 'yun. Sa lima kong anak, po-protesta silang lahat, 'Mama, mama, mama, kami muna.' Definitely, I'm a mother first."

And Kristine assured that her prioritizing being a mom than a wife is a non-issue to Oyo. "Kasi alam naman namin ang pinasok namin." She dadds, "Na once magka-anak kami, ito talaga 'yun, it's a commitment."

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It's not to say however, that she is putting her marriage at the sidelines. "Ganun di naman sa pag-aasawa. We just find time na kunwari kung maluwag, edi alis kami, 'di ba gano'n."

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How Motherhood Changed Kristine?

Being a mom, or a parent in general, is definitely life changing. For Kristine, taking care of her kids led the way for a renewed appreciation for her co-moms. "Ngayon ko na-realize na gano'n pala ang sakripisyo ng mga ina." She says, "So, mas na-appreciate ko 'yung nanay ko, nanay ni Oyo, lahat ng nanay  sa mundo. Sabi ko 'grabe pala 'yung pinagdadaanan.'"

"Kumbaga very selfless 'yung pagmamahal nila." She turned emotional talking about the sacrifices mothers go through every day for the sake of their children. "'Di bale nang mawalan sila oras for themselves but to serve their children."

She adds, "'Yung perspective mo sa buhay mag-iiba. 'Yung fashion mo mag-iiba, 'yung oras ng gising mo mag-iiba, 'yung katawan mo mag-iiba, lahat."

Knowing how tall the order is for a mother, Kristine is the first to say that she's not a perfect mom every day. When it comes to looking after the kids, it's important that she is able to get help from her partner. "Kumbaga take turns kung sino ang mas mahaba ang pasensya today. Kung sino mas nakatulog nang mas okay today."

"Kunwari I'm not feeling well or hindi ako nakatulog masyado, siyempre di ba kapag gano'n kulang ang tulog natin medyo mainitin ang ulo mo, mabilis kang mag-snap so, sinasabihan ko [si Oyo] na 'Ikaw na muna'... Palitan kami."

Kristine Believes Pamamalo Is Necessary When Disciplining Kids

In the same interview with Boy Abunda, Kristine openly shared her and Oyo's parenting style: "Pareho kaming disciplinarian ni Oyo." 

On the subject of pamamalo or spanking, she says it's part of how they discipline the kids, "pagdating sa certain age lang naman." Kristine explains they only spank their toddler kids and that they see to it that they explain why they got the punishment.

"'Pag pinalo mo sila you have to explain to them 'why.' Kung bakit what you did is wrong so, kailangan natin 'yan i-correct. Pero hindi 'yung you are bad. Hindi you, hindi ikaw ang bad, what you did."

Kristine notes she and Oyo work on making their children feel that the forms of discipline they carry out to their children are always motivated by love and their aspiration for the kids to grow into responsible and happy adults.

Watch full video of Kristine's guesting on Boy Abunda's Youtube show below:

How about you, moms and dads? What's your hot take on spanking? Is it still relevant, or should parents abandon it altogether? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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