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  • Curious Gummy Asked Mom Bettina About Her Dad, and the Single Mom Handled It Well

    Bettina was caught off-guard when Gummy suddenly wanted to know about the dad she never met.
    by FM Ganal for Pep.ph .
Curious Gummy Asked Mom Bettina About Her Dad, and the Single Mom Handled It Well
PHOTO BY Lai de Guzman
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  • Aside from doing twice the heavy lifting in parenthood, a single parent almost always dreads having to face the hurdle of answering his/her child's question: "Who is my dad?" or "Who is my mom?"

    Bettina Carlos admitted to PEP.ph (Philippine Entertainment Portal) that that moment has come.

    She said, "Kasi kung puwede hindi ‘yon tanungin ng anak nila, sana hindi na lang talaga."

    The single mom shared how her seven-year-old daughter, Gummy, posed the question to her.

    "She asked, siguro, a year or two ago. Yung mga questions niya nag-e-evolve, e.

    "Nung una, ‘How do you make babies?’

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    "Ang explanation ko, ‘Ahhh… you know, when you have a partner…’

    "Hanggang sa yung tanong, ‘Who’s your partner?’

    "Hindi ko alam kung paano sagutin! Na off-guard ako, e.

    "Then eventually, she asked."


    The 30-year-old celebrity mom said that as a single parent it was something she needed to face one day.

    "It’s something that we are responsible for because it will complete them, e.

    "That’s a piece, a puzzle of their life that we can’t forever withhold from them because it will complete them.

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    "Sabi ko lang sa kanya, ‘Anak, I’ll tell you when you’re older.’

    "[Gummy] asked this, I think, two weeks before she turned four.

    "‘When, mom? When I’m four?’


    "‘When? When I’m five?’

    "‘No, maybe when you’re 8 or 12 or 18, I don’t know!’ sabi ko sa kanya.

    "But she knows that there are things that I can answer.

    "And there are those that I cannot yet and she understands why."


    Bettina also knew that, one day, Gummy would want to meet her father.

    But she reminded herself, "They say lang naman when kids ask, you just answer their question.

    "One time, she asked the name, and then I said it. Wala nang tanong after that.

    "Kasi our tendency as single parents, iniisip na natin yung hanggang pagkikita na, e.

    "E, ang tinanong lang, ‘Sino yung tatay ko’, di ba?

    "So, just take it one question at a time.

    "And when you’re not ready, basing it on the emotional capacity of your child to absorb and understand...

    "You just take it one step at a time."


    This story originally appeared on Pep.ph.

    * Minor edits have been made by the Smartparenting.com.ph editors.

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