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  • This Mom Raised a Math Champion—Here's How She Did It

    Her 9-year-old "mathlete" has already bagged several silver and gold medals from math competitions across Asia.
This Mom Raised a Math Champion—Here's How She Did It
  • "I want him to become independent," says Len Aguada, mother of 9-year-old Iñigo, a gold and silver medal winner at the 2018 International Mathematics Wizard Challenge (IMWiC) held in Indonesia last May.

    Mommy Len shares that although math is her weakness, she wants her kids to grow up without fearing it and to be good at it. That’s why she enrolled her children in Kumon.

    "I could say that Kumon contributed to the study habits Iñigo has now. I think it’s a pattern because in Kumon, you have to finish the worksheets," Len shares.

    "As a mother, I want my children to grow up without fear and to become good at math. Kumon is the only after-school center Iñigo attends, and I can say that Kumon greatly contributes to the study habits he has now. I think it has become a routine that Iñigo follows, because in Kumon, you really have to finish the worksheets," Len proudly says.

    With this, Mommy Len shares four tips on how parents can nurture their children to help them become independent learners:

    1. Entertain your child’s curiosity.

    At 2, Iñigo was already aware of Kumon since his older brothers were going there. He became so interested in it that Mommy Len entertained his curiosity by enrolling him in the Kumon Math Program.

    It was the perfect time, since she was able to let Iñigo participate in the 2-Week Free Trial. "I was so excited and confident to enroll my child in the Kumon Math Program because I was sure that his math skills would be sharper!"

    2. Pursue and support your child’s interests.

    But the 2-Week Free Trial wasn’t enough for Iñigo. He wanted to do more worksheets in the Kumon Math Program!

    Mommy Len then decided to officially enroll him in the Kumon Math Program. "He enjoyed the thought of doing the Kumon Math worksheets. His young and high-spirited self was fueled each time he attended more sessions in Kumon because he felt fulfilled in doing so."

    3. Develop your child’s skills and character.

    Aside from developing her son’s math skills, Mommy Len also wanted Iñigo to get used to reading books and improve his comprehension skills.

    After a few months in the Kumon Math Program, Len enrolled Iñigo in the Kumon Reading Program as well. "He learned to read at age 4, and his comprehension skills significantly improved. He became a studious and independent learner even at a very young age."

    This newfound independence boosted Iñigo’s confidence and sparked his interest in the world of international competitions. "He is not fazed with anyone or anything as he would always train and practice hard before competitions. With this, he became fully aware of his capacities."

    4. Allow your child to discover what he can really do.

    Iñigo’s preparations bore fruit as he joined his first competition as a "mathlete" in the IMWiC in Indonesia.

    At first, Iñigo wanted to win the bronze medal. During the actual competition, however, he won the silver award. This made him realize that he is capable of doing and achieving so much more.

    The win led him to set higher goals in the next competitions he participated in, such as the International Mathematics Contest 2018 in Singapore, Hong Kong International Mathematical Olympiad 2018, Thailand International Mathematical Olympiad 2019, and China Primary Mathematics Olympiad 2019.

    In these competitions, Iñigo bagged silver and gold medals.

    With Iñigo’s achievements, Mommy Len is now confident that her son can achieve anything as long as he perseveres. Coupled with his positive attitude to learn on his own, he is surely going to reach greater heights.

    Iñigo’s Kumon experience, from the 2-Week Free Trial to his current Kumon study, continues to be a gateway to discovering what he can do now and what more he can achieve in the future.

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