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  • Give This Dad a Hug! His Kids Barge In on His Live TV Interview

    The interruption, however, is very telling of this father's relationship with his kids, and we think it's adorable!
    by SmartParenting Staff . Published Mar 11, 2017
Give This Dad a Hug! His Kids Barge In on His Live TV Interview
PHOTO BY Screencap from BBC World News
  • If reality shows -- the ones where the camera is on a person 24/7, recording his every move -- were unscripted, they would be boring. It's why there are challenges or games; something needs to happen so you can get reactions (or emotional outbursts, as most reality show producers always hope). It does get a bit contrived. 

    That's why this video clip has gone viral so fast. It's live television at its best -- an unexpected genuine moment of pure hilarity caught on camera. 

    If you haven't seen it, the video is below. Let us set it up for you. It's BBC World News, and its anchor is interviewing an expert on South Korean affairs, professor Robert Kelly, who, after this video, will surely never hear the end of this from his colleagues in the academe. But, the parents, oh, you will want to hug him. Watch:


    So many things to love about this video, and so many have already given their, er, insights (the one by The Telegraph entitled "Anatomy of a masterpiece," takes the cake for us, though). But one thing we want to point out is how the little girl came in the room. 

    When his daughter, Marion, 4, opened the door, she paused for a second. She definitely saw her dad was talking to someone or at least was watching something on the monitor. According to Daily Mail, who interviewed Prof. Kelly's parents, Marion may have thought their dad was talking to her grandparents via Skype; Prof. Kelly and his family is based in South Korea. Whatever was the case, it didn't stop her from dancing her way into the room (the Telegraph described it as a swagger of an MMA fighter -- LOL). 

    That entrance was very telling of her relationship with her dad; she even sat down on the bed. She has obviously barged into this room before without any worry that she might be disturbing her father. You could tell she has gone in and out of the room countless times -- without her dad minding. Well, except for this interview, of course. 

    It probably was the longest 40 seconds of this father's life. We could imagine him pushing the books off the bed so he could lie down and process what just happened. We could also imagine his wife, Jung-a Kim (yup, that was her running in the room like The Flash) has her hands on her face.

    As her kids continue to chase each other, she is thinking how she was going to make this up to her husband, or she is trying her damn best to stop laughing. 

    Either way, Mr. and Mrs. Kelly, all moms and dads have your back. 

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