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Single Mom Janella Salvador: No Choice But To Be Strong, "Little Human Being" Relies On You
  • It was the moment when Janella Salvador gave birth to son Jude, when she says her life has changed completely. And changed for the better.

    "The moment he came out, the moment I looked at him for the first time, sabi ko, 'I'm gonna protect this boy for the rest of my life.’ she said in a recent interview with Bernadette Sembrano.

    “Parang 'yun na yung naging mission ko. It's not like I don't love myself, it's more of siya na talaga, says Janella.

    Janella and Markus Paterson welcomed their son in October 2020. He is now turning two years old. However recent reports and interviews given by both celebrities are alluding to their separation.

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    When Bernadette asked her what are some things she’s fought for in her personal life, Janella says being a single mom.


    "Being a single mom. Talagang nilalaban ko 'yun. At the end of the day, alam kong kaya ko naman siya, she says.

    Janella adds, “As much as, yes, I love the people around me who are always there to help me, I always want to know na kaya ko gawin, but I don't want to sound bad kasi, but I can rely on myself, hindi ko kailangan humingi ng tulong sa iba.

    Motherhood: ’best things that happened to me’

    The actress and mom of one reveals that before becoming a mother, she was very self conscious and always thinking about others’ opinions of her. But it was her transition to motherhood that gave her more confidence.

    Janella shared throwback photos from her maternity shoot by Mark Nicdao on Mother's Day 2022.

    “The biggest factor would be weirdly after giving birth, now that I’m a mom, I have more confidence, Janella says. “Parang before kasi I would overthink and I would  get anxious about what people are thinking about me and whatever. But now I don’t care, as long as I’m doing this for Jude, I’m doing this for me, I’m doing what I love to do.

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    She adds that becoming a mother has also brought her back to child-likeness. “It's the best thing that happened to me because I'm learning so much. It brings me back to being a baby again, being a kid, so parang I have more patience, empathy, and understanding.

    Janella’s own motherhood is naturally inspired by her mom, Jenine Desiderio. "I saw my mom growing up, she was able to raise us on her own. Siguro na-embody ko kung paano siya, I want to be independent as well.

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    "We have no choice as women but to be strong because there's a little human being that relies on us. That's what gives me power and confidence, says Janella who was asked by Bernadette on her roles as both Regina and Valentina and how she finds her own power and confidence.

    “No matter what I do, kakayanin ko for this little human being. I just became a woman after becoming a mother,” she says.

    A few tips for solo parents

    1. Take advantage of small moments in the day to connect with your child.

    Since time can be quite a rare commodity for solo parents, remembering that you have little of it can help you to have a healthy mindset when it comes to parenting, managing a home, and work. Marika Lindholm writes in Harvard Business Review “Solo parents must identify where they can save time and prioritize what’s most important.”


    If you don’t have a huge support system, decide what are the things that are not a priority (maybe like cleaning up every single mess at home right at the moment it is made) and what is important to you as a parent.

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    2. Look for atypical working hours

    This tip might not be easy for many solo parents, but if it is possible for you it may be worth looking into. Lindholm writes looking for Flexi-time working arrangements, part-time hours, working from home, or even creating a new career path like starting your own business.

    “Increasingly, organizations understand that flexibility results in a more dedicated workforce, and thus today’s solo parents, more than ever are able to create schedules around their family’s needs.

    Don’t be afraid to let your supervisor know your situation so they can also find ways to support you as a solo parent.

    3. Be creative in your parenting.

    The article reports that “Evidence suggests that children of solo parents are more resilient and self-sufficient  because they are expected to participate in household tasks rather than just do chores.”

    The writer sites an example of a parent, who when her children were old enough, “play chef” one night a week. What they were actually doing was preparing dinner while the solo parent got a few extra minutes to one hour of work that day.

    Your parenting and setup may differ from other families or even what you were formerly used to, but it doesn’t alter how special you parent-child relationship is.

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