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Janella Salvador Proves Being A Mom Doesn't Make You Less Capable, 'It Only Propels You To Do Great Things'
  • With the remake of Mars Ravelo's Darna series coming to an end, actress Janella Salvador couldn't have written a better sign-off message than this ode to new mothers like her.

    She said that she considers her role as Valentina, the villain, as her "biggest breakthrough after giving birth."

    In a Facebook post last January 30, the 25-year-old actress wrote, "When I gave birth, thousands of naysayers have doubted I would make a great comeback in show business. They said that I wouldn't make it. That I would forever be a shadow of my own legacy, and that of others. That I would do nothing but to be at home, taking care of my child."

    "I hope that my story serves as a testament that being a mother doesn't make you any less capable. It only propels you to do great things."

    "But you know, life doesn't stop when you become a mom."

    "You see, showbiz is not all about [the] limelight. It's about showcasing your prowess in acting, singing, dancing, and performing; so here I am, standing proud in front of everyone — proving that a mother can achieve anything that their heart wants to, as long as they pour their efforts into it."


    "I am a mother who is able to take care of my dearest son, and an actress who has devoted her time and skills to learn and tell the truest core of Regina and Valentina."

    "I hope that my story serves as a testament that being a mother doesn't make you any less capable. It only propels you to do great things."

    She added, "If you're a mother and you're reading this, reach out for your dreams. You are amazing. Sky's the limit."

    "Once again, I am Janella Salvador. A mother, an actress, a singer, a dancer, a performer, a strong Regina and a feissssty Valentina — yet to sign off."

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    Although she did a great job in playing the role of the iconic supervillain, Janella received only praise and kind words from her supporters.

    One mom said, "You are always the best in acting, dancing, and now a beautiful mother, what more? Be proud, being a mother is [a] dream fulfilled by all women. It's not a hindrance." 

    In the comment section, she continued to encourage moms who could relate with her that it's never too late to start over again.

    "I am a mother and I am empowered by you! Thank you for being a real star! A star shines to enlighten others! God bless you," another mom wrote.

    Janella gave birth to her first child with ex-partner Markus Paterson on October 20, 2020. Markus confirmed that they parted ways in September last year, and are now co-parenting Jude Trevor, who is now two years old.

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    Recently, Janella shared a "proud mom moment" seeing her son as a model of an international clothing brand.

    You inspire us, Janella! Keep slaying and shining!

    Read Janella's tips for solo parents to help lighten their load, here.

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