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  • Full Scholarship And Double Major! Jillian Robredo Graduates From New York University

    "The day she received her NYU acceptance, she was happy but knew I would not be able to afford sending her there," says Vice President Robredo
    by Dahl D. Bennett .
Full Scholarship And Double Major! Jillian Robredo Graduates From New York University
  • Jillian is the latest Robredo sister to ‘make her mama proud’ after graduating with a double major in Math and Economics at the prestigious New York University (NYU) on a full scholarship.

    Together with their mom, Vice President Leni Robredo, siblings Jillian, Tricia and Aika flew to New York in time for Jillian’s baccalaureate services at Radio City Music Hall on May 17 and graduation ceremonies at the Yankee Stadium on May 18. 

    The Robredos take a family photo in New York.

    This is the first time the family has traveled together since VP Leni’s husband, Jesse Robredo, died. Jesse, then the country’s Department of Interior and Local Government Secretary, died in a plane crash in August 2012.

    In between preparations for Jillian’s graduation ceremonies, Vice President Robredo and her daughters managed to share via social media snapshots of the family’s time in New York as well as photos of Jillian during the ceremonies.  


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    One photo shows Vice President Robredo personally fixing her youngest daughter’s toga just before the baccalaureate services. In the caption, the Vice President writes “NYU Baccalaureate today. Jillian wearing what matters most–a pendant containing her Papa’s ashes, her graduation stole with the colors of the Philippine flag and her Rosas pin.”

    Vice President Robredo proudly shares a photo of her youngest daughter Jillian on social media.

    Jillian triumphs over many challenges

    It was a tough journey for Jillian before getting to this point as Vice President Robredo herself shares in an exclusive interview with Summit Media and in an FB post in 2018. 

    “The graduation is Jillian’s triumph over a lot of difficulties she had to go through. She hadn’t planned on going to New York to study, but then she got into NYU,” the VP told Summit Media. 

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    “The first difficulty she had to hurdle was that we couldn’t afford an NYU education. Jillian had to look for scholarships just so she could go.” 

    As per Vice President Robredo’s post on Facebook on August 23, 2018, Jillian was only 12 when she lost her ‘Papa’ and in that same year, her mother joined politics and had to move the family to Manila. 

    “She entered Pisay (Philippine Science High School), left her childhood friends and swimming in Naga…but she managed to pull through,” Vice President Robredo wrote. 

    In the same post, she continued to share how six years after all the life changes Jillian had gone through, her bunso has proven to be an “independent, responsible and disciplined” daughter who helped her run the home while her two Ates were busy pursuing their respective degrees. 

    Jillian, in her own terms, treads the same successful academic path that not only her dad and mom has achieved but also her sisters as well. 


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    Janine Patricia “Tricia” Robredo graduated with a dual degree of Doctor of Medicine and Master’s in Business Administration at the Ateneo School of Medicine and Public Health in 2020. 

    The eldest Robredo sibling, Jessica Marie “Aika” Robredo, obtained her bachelor’s degree in Management Engineering from Ateneo de Manila University. 

    (From L-R) Dr. Tricia, Jillian, and Aika Robredo pose for a photo. Dr. Tricia writes this is a "core memory" for her on her Instagram account.

    Just like Dad Jesse, she also pursued a master’s degree in Public Administration from Harvard Kennedy School and graduated in 2018. 

    Jillian made her own way for a full scholarship at NYU

    When it was her turn to enter college, Jillian quietly worked hard to get a full scholarship. “The day she received her NYU acceptance, she was happy but knew I would not be able to afford sending her there. When she was initially offered just a partial scholarship, she made relentless appeals and applied for more from other sources all by herself. She even applied for part-time work and was accepted,” Vice President Robredo wrote on Facebook. 


    Jillian worked at least 20 hours a week to help augment her scholarship funds and this was on top of balancing work and studies. 

    "Team Pilipinas" graduates and parents, writes Vice President Leni Robredo on her Instagram stories.

    One of the hardest challenges for Jillian came just recently, when Vice President Robredo decided to run for President in the 2022 elections.

    “She decided to be with me in Manila so that she could campaign for me. That meant campaigning during the day while attending classes at night,” she told Summit Media. 


    She added that her daughter suffered but knew where her priorities lie. “Despite the results of the election she felt she made the best decision coming home when it mattered most. It wasn’t just because I was a candidate, but she felt very strongly about what the elections meant for the country.” 

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    While her Facebook post was shared four years ago, Vice President Robredo’s voice as a mother perfectly captures the pride she is feeling as she dotes on her youngest on her graduation day. 

    Vice President Robredo confesses on her social media that she has always been a stage mother.

    The same message will no doubt resonate with Jillian as she starts her career in New York. 

    Vice President Robredo wrote: “As a mother, and a single parent at that, I worry that she will be by herself in that concrete jungle. But knowing that she worked so hard for this and deserves everything that she's achieved, I am comforted in the knowledge that she will always be in God's loving and protective embrace.”


    Go, Jillian! You are a perfect example of how to ‘Make Your Mama Proud’.

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