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  • Kids Asked: Where Do Babies Come From (Answers Are Pure Gold!)

    There was the usual “babies come from heaven” and ““when moms and dads kiss.” And then there was...
    by Jillianne E. Castillo .

  • Video from BuzzFeedVideo/Youtube

    Have you tried asking your child where babies come from? Well, Buzzfeed did, and the answers the kids gave are absolute gold. 

    There was the usual “from heaven” and “when moms and dads kiss” answers, but our favorites have to be the ones who either already knew how but didn't quite know how to explain it, or those who didn’t know and made up the most ridiculous and creative answers. 

    One little girl, who we’re guessing is preschool age, says you bought babies from hospitals. You pick one from behind cages, the doctors took them out for you, and you paid $10 (around P450) for your purchase. W-h-a-t? We think she has the babies confused with something else.  

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    A boy, around school age, was a little hesitant to tell mom and the cameras. At first, he couldn't quite find the words saying “Uhh... Well. Like. Comes... Where...” Which is probably what we sounded like when our kids first asked us the same question.

    But, soon enough, he found his footing. He goes on to say that they came out of privates and even explained that “There are little sperms and they race.” We like this boy. We’re impressed he knows the terms!

    Another kid who appears to have been educated in the ways of baby-making said, “The man gives something to the woman to help the baby hatch.” And we thought hatching was just for birds and reptiles. 

    But when a little girl started demonstrating with her fingers what a mommy and daddy did to make a baby, let’s say things suddenly got uncomfortable for dad. 

    So when dad asked what exactly that was, she answered…“That was kissing!”

    Breathe a sigh of relief, dad.

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