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Kids Keep Asking To Buy Toys At The Mall? This Mom's Hack To Handling It Is Genius
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  • It’s almost Christmas time! While it’s one of the most celebrated seasons of all, it is also quite stressful for parents, especially when it comes to kids and their gifts. During Christmas season, toys are everywhere – on TV, the Internet, and when you visit malls. With all these temptations, it is no wonder why a visit to the mall with kids can sometimes end in tantrums and tears.

    When faced with this situation, many parents find themselves giving in to their child’s desire, just to keep the peace. But this game-changer mom shared a genius trick parents might actually find useful.

    Kristina Watts, a mom from Washington, shared on her Facebook account pictures of her daughter posing with different toys in a department store. 

    “Once again my camera roll is FULL of pictures of Emerson with every single thing she wants for Christmas,” Kristina wrote on November 18. Whenever she sees her child eyeing a toy, she does not let her get attached to it; instead, she’ll bring out her phone at once and ask her child to pose for a picture and send it to “Santa,” saying she might have it on Christmas day. To fellow moms, Kristina says the choice is yours on who to send the photo to, based on who you think can give the toy as a present to your child.

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    “Pause for a second, comment on the thing they’re pointing out, and say, ‘Let’s take a picture with it and send it to Santa so he knows you want it!’” Watts said. “Note: you can send it to Santa, grandma, TeeTee Stephanie or whoever it is you can pawn it off on. Totally up to you and can be different every time.”


    She advised parents who find themselves in the situation to do the same, take a picture and gently tell them to wait until Santa sends them the toy. It will really calm them to hear assurance from you.

    “It’s magical. No tears. No tantrums (by either of us). And she forgets about all of them within minutes,” she added.

    The photo wish list garnered praises and positive feedback from grateful parents who decided to take Kristina's advice. Some even gave their own tips such as letting the kids sit while browsing online for toys and saying that the list will be sent to Santa; one parent shared that she gives the toy on Christmas morning with a note she writes with Santa’s name on it. However, some were worried about the kids’ reactions if parents fail to compromise. They believe kids should also learn to understand “NO” the hard way. 


    But Kristina defended herself and told in an interview with Bored Panda, “A lot of people have been criticizing me for not just saying no. Believe me, my children hear ‘NO’. A lot. This post was just something fun and quick I threw up on Facebook one night. I’m not trying to be a parenting guru, I’m by no means the perfect parent. I’m just another mom, running all the Christmas errands, trying to make shopping a little easier and a little more fun.

    “I’m just trying to do my best and raise decent humans. This hack is just another way to prevent some tears and get through. Plus, how cute is Emmie in all these pictures on my phone?!”

    For her, it is just hope and joy. She wants her child to feel validated and make her see that her parents are looking and giving their attention to whatever it is she wants.

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