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'You Can't Give If There's Nothing To Give'–Cheska Kramer On Self-Care While Raising Kids
  • Looking after themselves while taking care of their brood is a challenge to most parents of young children.

    This was the gist of the discussion of celebrity couple Cheska Garcia and Doug Kramer during the MassageMNL's 4th anniversary event last September 30, 2022.

    The couple opened up about how they've learned to take self-care breaks, while juggling between work and family duties.

    Cheska's Me-Time

    According to Cheska, it has been her routine to spend one day each week just for herself. And randomly at times, she's been able to squeeze in some stolen moments.

    The mom of three shared, "I think when I get home, which Doug knows, when everybody is watching a movie or entertaining, I have to go upstairs and that's when I have my quiet time.

    "That's when I read a book, or that's when I wanna be quiet, or that's when I start praying. So it's very important to me.

    "I have to be honest, guys, there are just some movies that I can't watch [with Doug and the kids]. So that's my opportunity to have my time alone."

    Part of Cheska's me-time routine has been seeing her friends. She reminded, "And then of course, it’s so important to be with your friends.


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    "So every now and then, I have like a get-together at home, or I meet them out for lunch when my kids are in school, or when I'm done homeschooling my kids.

    "Usually on Thursdays, that's the day my kids have sports, so that's the day where I get to go out with my friends because I don't homeschool them.

    "And that's when I meet them for lunch, and then I spend like three or four hours with them just to catch up.

    "And then I have my derma day also on that day." Cheska asserted, "There's always time. They say that where your heart is, that's where your time is.

    "Also you should put heart to taking care of yourself because you can't give if there's nothing to give."

    Being Intentional

    For Doug, self-care has a lot to do with being "intentional." The former basketball player expressed, "You have to be very intentional in wanting to do that, di ba.

    "For us, it's important to spend time with family. It's also important to spend time with fitness, exercising, reading, making yourself grow.

    "And if you're just intentional with everything, believe me everything follows. Yes, intentional is the word.

    "It starts with the routine. Cheska and I are fitness buffs now, and I’m proud to say that she's also there now. She works out consistently.

    Cheska butted in, "Because he's so makulit." Doug continued, "I mean, fitness is a lifestyle, di ba? And part of being healthy is you also need to regularly exercise.

    "And at the same time you need to press that reset button. So if you’re going through any anxiety or anything and you need to press that reset button."

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    One-on-One With Kids

    Another note from Team Kramer's figureheads has been to lead their kids by example.

    Cheska discussed, "When you think of self-care, you just think of taking care of your body, but self-care is also taking care of yourself mentally and spiritually.

    "So for me with my children, I make sure that I give time to talk to them. I have one-on-one time with my kids and my daughters, and with my son.

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    "And at the same time you know, modeling is important so hygiene, how you present yourself, how you carry yourself."

    The matriarch also encouraged parents to be more patient when imparting some lessons to their children.

    She said, "It’s important that we’re intentional in reminding our kids. I know it gets annoying, but I think just like us, we have to be reminded often, more so with children.

    "So it’s really stretching your patience with teaching your children and growing up with them.

    "And if you have to gather whatever it is that they need so that they can take care of their bodies, so that’s what I do.

    "So I'm very intentional with that, especially with hygiene. I constantly remind my children to look good, to be presentable, and to carry themselves really well."

    To which Doug remarked, "To add to that, what we do intentionally as parents is, Cheska likes to take out Kendra, Scarlett, Gab, in solo, and I do the same.

    "It’s different kasi when you’re all together as a family or when the kids [are all together]. But when you’re with them one-on-one, you’ll see that they’ll open up a little more."

    "And I noticed that with the kids, they open up different things to Cheska, and different things to me. [And then] we compare notes.

    "It’s part of our molding with the kids, that 'we’re here for you guys!'"


    This story originally appeared on pep.ph.

    Smart Parenting editors made some minor edits.

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